As our pro squad prepares for the ITU World Long Distance Championships and the European full-distance Ironman season, our age group squad carried the flag proudly this weekend with some tremendous results.

Recap from coach Jo Spindler:

Thomas Ibach won his age group at the Spreewald Triathlon over the Olympic distance by 20 minutes. He had a very good run and this result should give him a lot of confidence for a big effort at Ironman Frankfurt in 2 weeks time.

Sando Wechsung was the fastest guy overall at the Hualian Rafting Triathlon. A unique race in Taiwan, which consists of 11km rafting down a river, 12km run through the mountains and 44km cycling on the coastal highway. Yes, this is the correct order: boat, run, bike and potentially this format offers a bright future for all swim-challenged athletes 😉 . However, Sando did very well at Challenge Taiwan earlier this year and profed successfully that he is also a force in the water. Congrats to this nice win!

Race Recap - Jo1Sando Wechsung competing in the Hualian Rafting Tri.

Steffen Warias won a local 5.6 run. Also an overall win. It’s a very nice result for him as he cannot remember when or if he ever was first overall in the race. Steffen is running a gourmet restaurant in Merseburg – Ritters Weinstuben – which I highly recommend if you want to reward yourself with an ultimate taste experience. He is fitting in his workouts into a demanding and fully packed day and is still able to improve his athletic abilities.

Race Recap - Jo2Moritz joining a swim session at the camp.

Moritz Bachmann had a superb race at Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg and improved his personal best over the half distance by as much as 17 minutes! Looks, that his quick visit of one of the trisutto camps 2 weeks ago and all the dedicated and good work over the winter payed hughe dividends. I’m very pleased with his progress and looking forward to him racing Roth in 3 weeks time.

Race Recap - Jo3Another podium for Thomas Schäfer.

Finally, after to World Cup podiums, paracyclist and duracell engine Thomas Schäfer stormed to another podium at a 52 MTB marathon in Biesenrode, Germany. Just to put it straight: This was not a paralcycling MTB race, Thomas was 3rd overall amongst all riders – including all non-handicapped athletes as well. The race consisted of 2 loops and Thomas roade in a leading group of 3. Unfortunately he crashed on a descend but could carry on. He still had to stop another time to align saddle and handlebar straight again which pointed in different directions after the crash. First 2 guys were gone after this and he crossed the finish line in 3rd with not other touchdown.

Very well done to all and congrats to everyone racing this weekend!


Race Recap - DanExcellent performance from Paul Stiekema at Ironman 70.3 Victoria. 

Coach Dan McIntosh:

Paul, like most of my athletes, is consistent and works hard in training so I have full confidence in his potential to produce a great result at Ironman Canada later this year. However, he hasn’t been racing 70.3 or Ironman events recently so we recently put Victoria 70.3 on the calendar to serve as an opportunity to check in during the build up and identify strengths and weaknesses in a race environment.

First the weaknesses:

1. Paul learned that shell fish as a part of prerace feeding is a risky deal.

2. We’re working on improving his swim speed and strength and after a “good” swim warmup he positioned himself at the front, prepared to start strong and hold onto the lead pace. His effort was strong but struggled with finding a good draft in a congested swim and had to swim around groups, costing time and energy.

3. Paul started the bike in a solid steady effort but encountered lots of slow traffic from earlier waves and had difficulty judging his pacing relative to the competition.


1. Despite an unfortunate bout with seafood, Paul’s mental resilience persevered and in typical fashion he acknowledged the mistake, accepted the responsibility, put on a brave(albeit green) face and lined up to give a best effort.

2.  Paul is very coach-able and despite some inconsistencies in effort early on, when he reached 60k, per the race plan, he trusted the training and increased his effort, producing a negative split.

3. Onto the run, his GPS wasn’t working so he relied on training and ran off of feel, keeping even pace through each mile and finished the last 5k at top effort, negative splitting the run as well. Being able to refocus and draw on preparation in training was critical in producing the race he did despite the mistakes made early on.

Overall he was disappointed in not coming away with the win but the 5 minute deficit can be eliminated by overcoming mistakes.

We took a few recovery days but due to his strong foundation we were quick to get back to work and with 6 weeks to prepare we are looking forward to putting together a great race in Whistler BC.


Race Recap - BellaProfessional athlete, Aya Stevens. Athlete Photography by James Mitchell

Coach Bella Bayliss:

Aya was 7th at Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg this weekend.

Aya had not run since her 8th place at Ironman Lanzarote but she has worked hard keeping her swim and bike training and water running too.  Now she is running again and building up for her next Ironman.  Well done keeping everything going and staying strong whilst having the little problem.

Swiss athlete Marc Settler had a great race at Zug Olympic distance race in Switzerland. His first triathlon of the year after busy months of work and study. More to work on but all on track and Enjoying the challenge.  Well done Marc!

Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Melanie Baumann came 2nd in her age group today, in Challenge Heilbronn, she was fastest in the swim and the bike and a few seconds slower on the run but she lost time in transition!! Would have won had the transition not counted, needs to practice this 4th discipline  more, she was 16th fastest pro out of all the women, including pros so she’s going really well and getting ready for Frankfurt in 2 weeks.

Erica Govan raced Toronto Olympic distance on the weekend, she was 2nd in her age group and qualified for ITU World’s in Cozumel next year, she did a PB overall and she ran her fastest 10 km ever, in 45 min, rode 1.06 and had one of her best swims, in 27 min. Great work!

Well done also to Susie Langley coached athlete Terrence Hines in Denmark with his best half ironman result in 6 years. He continues to make great inroads on his running and is great to see his confidence returning  Well done mate!

Robbie Haywood coached athletes also had a successful weekend: Chiin Hooi Tan,  3rd in age category at 70.3 Kronborg in Denmark, and qualified for 70.3 World Champs. Mark Richardson, 1st in age category and 5th overall at Boskman Triathlon in the New Forest, UK.


Well done to all competing this weekend.

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