Dani wins the first leg of the $1 million Nasser Bin Hamad Triple Crown at 70.3 Dubai.

In Dubai this week we saw Daniela Ryf find a way to succeed whilst not being 100%. One very overlooked ability she has is in successfully implementing the strategy of distributing her energy during a race. This is so critical, and the bird does it so well.

Not the race the little cabbage (Emma Bilham) was looking for but the race she needed. Emma now moves downunder to take on IM New Zealand.

Race Recap from Coach Cameron Watt:

An impressive 2nd place for Josh at 70.3 Dubai. Photo Credit: Ingo Kutsche

Josh Amberger amidst the early stages of his Ironman SA prep travelled to Dubai to test some progress on a few things we’ve begun to adjust, as we wanted to trial under genuine race pressure and Dubai provided that with quite a few quality men lining up. Josh lead the swim solo, adapted once caught on bike and made the selection with Tyler Butterfield to come off bike in lead, battle early with him on run before loosing the lead late in run to eventual winner Javier Gomez to place 2nd.

Congratulations Sarah finishing 3rd at 70.3 Dubai. Photo Credit: Ingo Kutsche

Sarah Crowely also started her 2017 year in Dubai, a hard fought 3rd to back up her late 2016 win in Bahrain 70.3. Sarah has been putting in a big effort to improve her swim, and Dubai gave confirmation the hard work is paying off having a career best swim… with a sub 1:20 half marathon to finish it was a very solid season opener and one we can build on from as the training builds into the year.

Both Josh and Sarah are back at the Trisutto Australian base in Brisbane, and back training ahead of the next round of races.

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Celebrations on the podium, Martina, 2nd place at Israman 113.

This weekend I had two athletes racing:
Martina Dogana, my pro athlete, did the Israman half and got 2nd place in 5:28.42. After a very long season 2016 we had a good rest and began to train only after Christmas holiday, so we are just at the beginning and therefore quit happy with the result.

Stefano Matalucci, M40-44, raced 70.3 Dubai and for the first time he was able to go sub 5, this means new PB for Stefano. He finished in 4:51.06 and had great swim and bike splits. Also his run performance was good, considering a long stop for an injury at the end of 2016. Well done Stefano! Now we are moving on to aim for a new PB also on IM distance!

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

Deborah proudly holding her finisher medal.

The triathlon season for most of my athletes is still far away, since most are based in Europe. Nevertheless there was some racing this weekend. Deborah is based in Dubai and did her first 70.3 Race this Friday by finishing 70.3 Dubai. What she has achieved within 3 months of training is a great example of what is possible with dedication and passion for the sport. She came to me unable to swim more than 25m without getting breathless and was unable to run more than 2km without having to walk.
On Friday she finished her first 70.3 race (and 2nd triathlon ever) in the middle of her agegroup, even though there was so much traffic on the bike course that her power file looked like a cardiogram due to the big groups she had to pass on the bike. This clearly ruined her run. Since she is very strong on the bike already we will start in an earlier startgroup next time and see her move up the ranks for sure.

In addition there was an Indoor Triathlon in Rostock on spinning bikes and treadmills next to the pool this weekend. One of my junior athletes, Finn Luca won the 12-16 agegroup at the age of 13 and placed 6th overall. Very proud of him also.

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

World Championship Qualifications for Demos and Christos! Congratulations 🙂

In the first race of the year I was very happy to see my athletes participating in Dubai 70.3. The important thing is that all of them finished with a personal best, healthy and ready again Monday to be back to their jobs.

Demos Padavid from Cyprus M35-39 finished in 4:21 and in the same category Christos Geitonas come in with a 4:25. Michael Zannis in his first participation in this 70.3 distance finished with 5:24. In the category M40-44 Michael Moisiadis completed the race in a finish time of 5:31 and Michael Mourtzis with 5:40. Congratulation to all guys!

Race Recap from Coach Mat O’Halloran:

A huge PR for Paulo in Dubai!

This past Friday, at the Dubai Ironman 70.3, Filippino swim coach, Paolo Magnilinan, who’s based in Dubai, managed to join the “sub 5-hour club” with a very well-rounded performance. He executed the swim/bike/run very strongly, to finish in a time of 4h52, a PR by about 20 min, and top Asian in the 25-29 age group.

This comes after a few up and downs last year, as he struggled with a few minor lower leg injuries, as well to perform at his potential, over the longer events. Now it will be important to absorb the race, and take the proper steps towards a consistent and healthy year of racing

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

First race back – well done to Jason in Dubai. Photo Credit: Joanna Wilkes

70.3 Dubai was Jasons first race since Ironman Lanzarote 2016.  Jason had a bit of time out from racing, spending time with family and recovering from a pain in his foot, but over the past few months has been building up ready for a challenge in part of the world he wanted to see more of.
Jason is a busy man but with his precious time he gets great training done and the great training shined at 70.3 Dubai.
A good swim, a very fast bike, 2nd fastest in his category!  and a good run, considering the pain in the foot has not made the run  training easy the past few months. Jason gave his best, had no problems and finished 7th overall in his category, just beaten by some faster guys!

Enjoying a hard race – Good work John!

John Stapleton raced the TriLakes Knockma Duathlon in Ireland, John has also been fitting in great training in between working a very busy job. John had a good race and was first of his TriLakes Team home!  Well done John.

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Congrats Steve, winning his first race of the season.

Bike racing this past weekend in MexiCali, Steve Brown took part in his first race of the season. Steve has been doing some great training recently, and even though his goals are a bit further down the road, we wanted to race hard and put on a good show. Coming into the finale, Steve found himself in a not so tactically sound position (on the front!), but was able to keep everyone in check and win by a bike length! Showing both poise and power already! Great job Steve!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Ashton celebrating with his daughters after the race.

It’s been years since Ashton Prejean has stood on start line of a half-marathon. This weekend’s race would be his first step along the road to racing long distance triathlon. Although he was nervous about the race, Ashton had a plan and he could be confident in the training that he’d done this winter.

Ashton executed his race plan to perfection and crushed his goal time by nearly three minutes. Ashton finished 8th overall and second in his age-group. Well done Ashton, this was a giant leap towards achieving your goals in the half and full distance races later this year.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Flora working on her run speed recently in Cyprus.

Flora Colledge raced in a local 8km road race (Benefizlauf Rund um Adelhausen) near Basel Switzerland, with a super 4th place overall female finish. The course was ‘honest’, either up or down, with a lot of the down through thick mud. Was a good solid workout, going hard all the way, and a nice easy 5km warm up and 5km cool down to make a fun way to get a long run done this weekend.  At Trisutto Coaching we love the treadmill for it’s many benefits, and effective training regardless of the weather, but it is also nice to mix things up too.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

There’s a swim race going on out there!

Choppy ocean conditions really seperate the wheat from the chaff! Well done Mirjam Weerd, showing her swimming prowess to win the 2.7 Swim for the Roses in Curacao 🙂


Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend.

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