Back to the future for Reinaldo as we try to transition from ITU athlete back to Ironman. Photo Credit

Reinaldo Colucci revisited his young days where as a 17 year old with no money he used to ride to races, compete and ride home. So it was in the weekend that Reinaldo rode 100km to the race the day before, and then picked up a very beneficial win at the Sesc Triathlon Caiobá. Reinaldo will always be a lion; our task is to take him out of the ITU zoo and put him back in the jungle of Ironman. A good first step.

Race Recap from Coach Cameron Watt:

An impressive performance from Josh at the Super League. Photo credit:

Josh Amberger took on the short course guys this past weekend at the Super League in Hamilton Island. Race report from Josh:

‘My major objectives were ticked; to be adaptable in a race format that is completely alien to me and race outside of my comfort zone, to sharpen myself physically and mentally, and to respect the invitation by racing with purpose and presence, onwards to Ironman South Africa in 2 weeks.’

Race Recap from Coach Mary Beth Ellis:

Phil running strongly as he kicks off his season with a double header.

Phil Whitehead kicked off his Multisport season this weekend with not one but two duathlons. In the midst of his training block, Phil raced his way to a 5th in his age group on Saturday in the Clumber Park Duathlons with a perfectly paced race. In addition, Phil secured a spot to the duathlon European and world championships.Then returning to the race course on Sunday in epic race conditions typical of the English spring, Phil battled wind and rain to take the overall win at the Carlisle Duathlon. It was impressive to see Phil execute another well-paced race on tired legs. This is a great start to his Kona 2017 campaign!

Well done Emma, finishing off her Tour Down Under with a win at Karri Valley in Western Australia.

On the other side of the globe, Emma raced and won the Karri Valley triathlon in Australia just two weeks after Ironman New Zealand. Emma executed a solid day leading from the gun and getting a sizable lead so she could relax on the second half of the run. Emma will be heading back to Europe to prepare for her summer season back in her favorite racing ground: the Alps.

In Puerto Rico, Miriam Cole had a great swim and fastest bike split in her age group but unfortunately GI distress forced her to stop on the run. Once Miriam gets her nutrition working, she’ll be a force in the women’s 45-49 age group.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

A short off road lung buster for Mirjam at the Puro Run-Bike-Run in Curaçao. Photo Credit: Marc van der Kort

Was a winning weekend all round 🙂
After a busy month abroad, Mirjam Weerd returned home and smashed out a short fast off road duathlon in Curaçao; maybe she is a little faster than she gives herself credit for… 😉

Good job Nina; the view is always better from the top step 😉

Nina Derron also had a blast, racing at the Rhylauf 10k, topping off some quality training days and standing on the top step of the podium. She was able to rehearse early race patience, running strongly to secure the overall women’s win.

Finn (right) with his brother Kai comparing notes post race in Lakes Entrance. 

Finn McDonald likewise took the win in his category in Lakes Entrance over the weekend, doing it very easily in the end. Is great to see Finn’s enthusiasm as he seeks to emulate the stars of the sport, of whom he followed closely in the Super League over the weekend.

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Superman kicks off 2017 in style!

The winter season in Europe can be quite long and therefore, I try to keep my athletes motivated by asking them to sign up for different running races. This weekend, a very famous run race took place in Switzerland, Kerzerslauf, which is 15 kms. I had three of my athletes racing and they all ran some stellar performances, well done to you all!

  • Maurice Inzirillo ran 1:02:54 (M55)- Top 15 in his age group. (321 in total in this age group)
  • Victor Manrique in 1:04:01 (M20)- a great back up after his half distance last weekend!
  • Raymond Hofmann in 1:06:31 (M45)- with heavier legs after 2 weeks of down hill skiing!

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Two wins for Mark in Arizona this weekend.

This weekend was the Tucson Bicycle Classic in Arizona. Mark Miller came in 4th in the opening prologue without a time trial bike. The next two stages included a Road Race and Circuit Race. Both days, Mark showed his strength and patience, letting the race unfold and striking at the right moment. He was able to come away with the WIN on both days, and with bonus points, fell a very short 10 seconds short of the overall victory! Great job sticking with it and continuing the great start to the season, Mark!

Hot racing conditions in Mexico and top step of the podium for Steve.

Another weekend, another race in MexiCali, Mexico! Steve Brown was able to keep cool in the 38degree weather and sprint ahead for the victory! This made up for a slight mistake on Saturday where a wrong turn ended his chance for a double weekend. Way to come back and finish the weekend off well, Steve!

Jan Pascal Tschudy – Jan ran the 15km Kerzerslauf in Switzerland and set a PR at the distance with a 57min race! Our main races are further down the calendar, but Jan is showing great run fitness right now! Congrats Jan!

Maxi Spahn – This weekend, coming off a successful start to the season last weekend, started two more cycling road races down by Lake Constance. On Saturday, he worked for a teammate and was able to help produce a 2nd place finish. And then on Sunday, against a squad of 6 pro mountain bikers, placed 4th on a very hill circuit, again showing his great fitness. The German MTB Bundesligua is getting closer and Maxi is well on his way to a good season!

Carlos Martinez – On Saturday, Carlos took part in the Grand Fondo del Sur in Mexico. With two big climbs to complete, at altitude, Carlos stuck to the game plan of taking the first climb a bit easier, and letting some athletes getting away. And then once the second climb to the finish came, he was able to increase his pace and catch many athletes en-route to a great 19th / 121 starters! Duathlon season is right around the corner, and Carlos is showing great strength on the bike and run.

Rok Vrhovnik – Cycling season has officially started in Slovenia/Croatia and Rok started it off with a very solid 26th place out of almost 300 starters on the mountainous course. The fitness is getting to where we want it, now we have to work on some race tactics to let Rok battle with the leaders on the course!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Concentrating on fast turnover on both swim and run; Go Gisela!

Gisela Reichmuth competed in a sprint swim / run aquathon in Munich, Germany.  These races are always harder than they look! A flat out pool swim, quick change into warm clothes, and a flat out run on a twisty course, more like cross country running.  However these are also super training, and incorporated into a weekend away, a fun way to enjoy our sport, and reminder that we don’t have to give up fun when training! A podium 2nd place in her age age group and 8th female a good day.

Mark Richardson ran the annual Half Marathon in Fleet, UK close to his home. This was purely a ‘catered workout’ for Mark with Ironman South Africa only two weeks away. A warm up and cool down to make a 30km run day, with 7km moderate, 7km medium, 7km ‘what ever is left in the tank’ for the 21km event. After a solid riding day on Saturday, made for a super weekend of training.

Andrea Rudin ran in the Town Of Seaside Park Run as part of her run training day with 5km warm up, 5km race, 5km cool down. A long aerobic swim in the afternoon and 8km run home from the pool also adding to a nice day, especially after a long ride day the day before. A 3rd place female and 5th overall less important, but a nice reward.

Race Recap from Coach Irene Coletto:

Last Sunday for the very first time Serena Pruzzo, finished a long bike ride. She did the “RandoLevante” a randonnée of 150km with 2100+ in about 8 hours. A good test for the future focus, she showed strong character! Well done Serena!

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Saverio Venturelli during the Duathlon National Champs in Riccione (Italy).

Saverio Venturelli did the Italian National Championships of Duathlon sprint (5-20-2,5km) in Riccione. He placed 12. in his category M50-54 in 1:06.40 and the following splits: 5km run 19:04 – 20km bike 33:48 and 2,5km run 11:18. Good job Sav!

Alina Losurdo did the Granfondo Cassani, medium distance 85km. The plan was to do a good quality bike session and she executed it really well.  3:17 her time and tired legs at the end 🙂 Another brick in the wall for the Ironman preparation completed!

David Galafassi with former italian pro cyclist Davide Cassani, who gives his name to the Granfondo Cassani.

David Galafassi also did the Granfondo Cassani, but for him it was the long course: 130km with almost 2600+. After 4:44 of riding he didi also a good run session, so an excellent brick workout for him.

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Steve Lyons raced a challenging duathlon consisting of a 5k run with a hilly 27k bike and then a 5k run. His hard training is paying off and it shows in races. His short email sums it up:
‘Good result today at the duathlon. I was 4 mins quicker than last year (similar conditions). I came 2nd in age group out of 20. Very happy, yet again, so thanks!! Anyway, looking forward to cracking on.’

Kati Pusey also raced a duathlon this past weekend .I’m very happy with the result, she came 7th overall female, 3rd Vet. 2nd bike split from all female athletes speaks for itself! Over last few weeks we have focused on the bike training and now it is time to bring some more speed into running legs. Congratulations on a very good race execution – no extra bike laps this time 🙂

Rafal Herman raced the Half Ocean Lava Tenerife the previous weekend, in preparation for Ironman South Africa. He had a very good race from the training perspective – with massive improvements in the swim he finished just behind the lead pack. On to the bike and he was executing this portion of the race very well focusing on the effort and becoming stronger with every lap, following the plan we have agreed. He was so focused on the effort that he did an extra lap on the bike assuming that he must have misunderstood the instructions from the race briefing – 5 laps would be only 80k so for a good measure he has added extra 12k which cost him close to 20 min. Rafal probably would have won his age group but he still finished a credible 6th and I’m very happy with the extra few extra training kilometres on the bike; he will benefit from them in Port Elizabeth. Well done Rafal!

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

Last weekend I had two very fast agegroup athletes doing run races as a form check to see how the run fitness has developed. Stephan Meinecke raced the Rhylauf half marathon. His last half marathon was 19 years ago and it was quite exciting to see what he could do. The plan was do run fast but comfortable until km 12 and then start to push harder. It worked out very well and he ended up with a 1:20:15 half marathon personal best at the age of 48. Well done Stephan! Just 3 weeks from now it is time for him to kick of the triathlon season at Portocollom Triathlon as start of his 2 week Training camp.

Thierry Dondlinger ran the Luxembourg cross country military championships (11km) this monday as last form check before Ironman South Africa. As almost always he started a little too fast with a 3:05km split, but this separated the field and made it a race of two. He lost the finish sprint by 1sec but is satisfied with his effort. He had some extremely good training sessions recently and even got very close to some of my personal bests! Therefore I am very optimistic that he is very well prepared for Ironman South Africa even though he did his entire preparation in the European winter. The goal is to qualify for Kona this year. In South Africa it is all about the pacing for Thierry in order to achieve a great performance.

Race Recap from Coach Cali Amaral:

Another successful weekend of podiums for Cali’s team in Brazil.

Another fantastic weekend for our team. On Saturday we had an aquatic marathon (3 km) with Luciano Cardoso Vice-Champion and Doctor Renato Lucas 3rd place.
On Sunday we had Triathlon it turned into Duathlon because of the fog. Doctor Renato Lucas was the great overall Champion Trirex Long Distance. He said:
‘An insane test that was turned to a duathlon because of the haze on the lake. Mountain that did not stop! Crazy !!! But I fit a very good race and everything went well! Thanks to the great Master @coachcaliamaral we are climbing step by step !!! Thank you also to my family and to my great friends and fans who are always with me.’

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

Back-to-back 70.3 Races for Kate in Asia. Photo Credit: Ironman 70.3 Taiwan

2016 World Ultraman Champions, Kate Bevilaqua raced 70.3 Taiwan, 1 week after her 4th place at 70.3 Philippines. At Taiwan Kate had a good swim bike but on the run lost a little time. Kate finished 5th professional woman. Now Kate will travel home, recover and continue to train for her next goal.

Another weekend of superb racing for the Juniors in Lanzarote. Photo Credit: James Mitchell Photography

My TriActiv Infantile and Cadete categories (13-17 year olds) raced their first Canarian points race of 2017, a triathlon consisting of a 500m sea swim, 8km mountain bike, 1.5km run. From TriActiv we had some very good results, showing their consistent hard work at training

Photo Credit: James Mitchell Photography

  • Jorge Wilkes raced really strong to win the Infantile category, Harry Holdaway not far off the pace in 2nd,
  • Mia Leadbeater raced very well to win the Cadete category with Anne Perdomo learning how to race tough not far off the pace in 2nd, Tiffany Cabrera Robson 4th.
  • Marcos Knight put on a great race to win the Cadete boys category.

Team Spirit – Photo Credit: James Mitchell Photography

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

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