had over 40 athletes lining up at Zurich this weekend.

Ironman Zurich again lived up to its hype as one of the great races on the calendar. While enough has been said about the Angry Bird and qualifying to Kona, when something good happens we can praise it too.

At Zurich the change in swim course to 1 lap enhanced the race experience for everyone. The 4-loop run also had some changes that were‎ again an improvement and left the run a lot less cluttered than in previous years. Many commented on the enhanced atmosphere as spectators lines the streets for the entire run. Indeed throughout the day even holidaymakers and sightseers who didn’t come to watch the triathlon decided to stay and cheer the athletes. So kudos to the organisation that made the changes.

Daniela_ZurichAnother dominant performance by Daniela Ryf.

Onto the race we saw a special performance from the Bird. A 4:46 bike split on that course is quite simply phenomenal. We have seen some power bike riders over the years, but Daniela’s skill in climbing, descending and cornering has added a new dimension to the top end of the sport. Every race we are watching an inexperienced Ironman athlete learn the sport and come to grips with the distance. Now we go to work on the much needed recovery.

Emma_Bilham_ZurichHeartbreak hill didn’t bother Little Cabbage.

In 2nd place Emma Bilham produced a display that made me very proud.

An excellent ride and then from step one on the run knew it was not going to be easy. She knuckled down and produced a very gutsy run. The type that makes old school coaches very happy – didn’t give an inch to the fresher runner on her tail who was on the chase. To see her get more determined to hold off all comers over the final kms had me knowing that the Little Cabbage’s turn will come. She will win an Ironman through sheer force of will. Well done.

Jane_Fardell_ZurichMost courageous effort of the day: Jane Fardell.

I want to finish the Ironman portion by celebrating the most courageous effort of the day. Jane Fardell ran 2nd as a professional here in 2002 before she retired from triathlon. Her comeback to triathlon was in her age group on what amounted to 5 weeks of training. To see her wobbling about, run-walking at 11min km pace midway through the run had me near tears. She wouldn’t remember me saying ‘Jane, you don’t have to do this’ as she was literally out on her feet. But the response was a stare that silenced me – only to give food advice from now on.

Jane not only finished but got home the last 4km in 5:30km pace.

Old coach didn’t miss this extraordinary bit of encourage and I all our followers shouldn’t either. It was truly what Ironman is all about. A mirror into oneself – if Jane Fardell looks into it she will see she is a woman made out of iron that can’t be broken by physical strain. And I ask who shouldn’t be proud of that?!

Zurich 5i50


Nicola Spirig simply scintillating on the bike / run.

Nicola’s final tune up before Olympics went well taking the lead on swim and then not looking back to deservedly win the women’s race and place 2nd overall.


Nina and Michelle Derron at the finish line.

Michelle Derron had a very emotional finish after a strong swim and bike to suprise herself with a full 10km run. After a long absence with injury we had planned just to finish 2.5km but in her first attempt at running off the bike to finish in the Top 5 was a great effort.

Flora College Zurich 51503rd place for Flora.

Flora Colledge raced in the Zurich 5150, and secured a 3rd place finish in her category.  The forecast rain never arrived which was great for most of us, but disappointing for our celt who loves the cooler wet races! Still work to be done on the bike, but once that falls into place then look out!

Reiny Brown finished 5th in his race. Without setting the world on fire it was a solid effort on the run. More work to be done.

Mariana Solorzano Zurich 5150Mariana cutting through the field at Zurich.

Mariana Solarzono had to be pleased with the chocolate medal. 4th after a decent swim, the bike was OK, but stormed into the top 10 and then proceeded to nearly carve out the podium on the run. One more race for her as preparation and then off to Australia for the World Championships.

Waco_Tribune_Trent Simmons1st place at TriWaco. Photo: (Staff photo— Rod Aydelotte)

After a very long trip back to the States with his family Trent Simmons stepped up to take a win in the TriWaco triathlon. Just a great effort. Full story here.

Carina_Challenge IcelandTop 5 at Challenge Iceland for Carina Brechters. Photo: Arnold Bjornsson

Boo Hoo (Carina Brechters) raced Challenge Iceland for a strong Top 5. Good signs early in swim / bike but we have plenty of work to do.

Well done to all.

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

Anne_Bella_Poznan3rd at the European Championships for Anne Jenson. Photo Credit : Poznan Triathlon.

Anne Jenson once again showed what consistent hard work can do with a podium at the European long distance Triathlon Championships in Poznan, Poland. Anne works incredibly hard at training and has done for months and months, now with some good races in her for the first part of the year she was able to get herself on the podium at this competitive iron distance race for 3rd place. I am excited to continue to watch Anne improve, Anne is still motivated and raring to go.

Kate Bevilaqua won the Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove Olympic distance! We used this race which was special to Kate as a good hit out and good training in her final lead into Vineman this Saturday.

Vinny Vennes had a very good race at Challenge Iceland, a challenging and very cold race!  But by being smart and using his fitness he got himself 3rd in his age group!  Congratulations Vinny, Another great race as he warms up into the race season!

John Stappleton had a great race at the Tribesman Standard Triathlon, Galway in Ireland, conquering the nutrition problems he has been having and just racing strong to the finish line!  Keep this going into 70.3 Dublin John!

Race Recap from Coach Keegan Williams:

Michael PooleMichael Poole winning the Topgun Tri.

Michael Poole won his 10th consecutive race over the last 10 weeks in and around Florida at the annual Topgun tri. Next up is 70.3 Ecuador. He had some good sensations which is what the coach wants to hear.

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Oliver Saxon_YorkshireGreat effort from Oliver Saxon spent at the Steelman Half.

Oliver Saxon raced is debut half-distance race at the Steelman Half in North Yorkshire. Ollie had a detailed plan for each discipline, followed it to the letter, and the results spoke for themselves. Ollie went 5:14:01 with strong and consistent efforts across the disciplines. From the looks of it, he surprised his clubmates from the Lincsquad as well.

Happy with this one from Ollie. This was his first real test and first big step. Ollie’s finisher pic says it all. Congratulations Ollie, you’re on your way mate.

Paula_Ponte_ZurichEuropean trophy for Paula Ponte!

Paula Ponte raced the Zurich 5150 putting her work from summer training camp in St. Moritz to good use. A long way from home in Rio, Paula has been taking full advantage of the squad environment and the bike and run training in St. Moritz, and her performance showed it. Paula won the 18-24 age group getting things started with a solid swim and then extending her lead each lap of the bike with three strong climbs up Heartbreak Hill.

Next stop IM 70.3 European Championships in Wiesbaden, Germany. Then onto the IM World Championships in Kona, HI!

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen

Melanie racing the 5150. After an average swim, she put the hammer down on the bike, she rode 1:06 and then had a solid run too, with both PB’s on the bike and the run! She must have passed a few girls on the bike and she ended up in 5th place in her age group in her first Olympic distance race for a long time.

I also had Pedro Silva Mendes racing IM Switzerland. Pedro had the best preparation until injury demons came back to haunt him a few weeks ago disguised as shin splints! Pedro struggled right from the start and just didn’t feel 100% at any time of the day. Pedro is a very hard worker and even though he never feel good in any of the 3 disciplines, Pedro still managed to finish and to tough it out!  Well done!

Race Recap from Coach Mat O’Halloran:

Ralf Run5150Great weekend at Zurich for Ralf Battenfield.

Like many trisutto athletes, Swiss athlete Ralf Battenfeld was in action in his home town of Zurich, at the Saturday 5i50 event, of which was his first Olympic distance.

Ralf put together a solid and all around effort to finish in a very respectable time of 2h26 – which was strong enough to place him 11th in the 50-54 age group, besting much more seasoned athletes. This coming off the back of a few weeks training up in St Moritz, with the Tristto group!

The following day, Ralf volunteered during the Ironman, as a bike marshal on the run course. Which was great to loosen his legs from the previous day’s effort, as well to cheer on some familiar faces, who were hunting for the top spots in the pro females!

As we all know, triathlon events would not be possible without the help of copious volunteers, who make the races safe and much more enjoyable. Many of these volunteers spend long hours under the sun and are not always appreciated. However, many of them, become triathletes later in their life, after being inspired by what they witnessed on race day!

For Ralf, it was all about getting an up close view of an Ironman, as it’s a great way to learn and get motivated, for your first Ironman distance event!

Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler:

Sabrina_CarmenCarmen chasing Sabrina. In the water, it was the other way round.

I’m still not recovered from this weekend’s racing – not because I raced so hard rather because I coached so hard.

Firstly, Sabrina Stadelmann and Carmen Grosse did a fantastic job at Ironman 5150 Zürich. Both won their respective age groups. Over the past weeks, Sabrina worked very hard on her swim and bike performances and I’m super happy that she could show in a race now, how much she improved! Those slim legs suddenly have power now and show some real muscles! Carmen on the other hand did a very solid race in all 3 disciplines. Very happy with such a great performance and looking forward to 2nd half of the season for both!

Mauro_B ZurichMauro 6th pro at Ironman Zurich.

Then on Sunday there was Ironman Zurich where 6 of my athletes competed with mixed results. Professional athlete Mauro Baertsch finished 6th overall, outsprinted for 5th place only by 5s. He had very solid performances in al 3 disciplines. Well done!

Barbara Tettenborn finished 4th in her age group. A very good race, considering, that she recovered from a nasty bike crash only a few weeks ago. Ramses Arroub finished Top 20 in his age group with a very solid race. Remo Ratschob and Theo Seiz also had solid races, but both missed their goal to qualify for Kona. I was very happy to see Nicholas Baddour finish the race. He struggled towards the end of the run, but battled himself through in champion manner. Unfortunately, Sandra Schöni could not finish the race due to an injury. She only started running again 3 weeks before race day. I’m happy she was smart and strong enough to decide to not start the marathon than and keep health first priority.

So no podiums, no Kona slots. But those kind of races are often much more important than good races. Ironman never is an easy task. Only this kind of races make you stronger. And you can learn 10-fold more from such a race, than from a race where you easily reached your goals. The key of the Ironman mindset is always, how good you bounce back. This is true for racing, for training, as well as in life. All of my athletes racing this weekend proved, that they owe this mindset. They bounced back noumerous times during and especially after their race. Important is to stick to the things that went well. With many we fixed nutrition and pacing – an almost invaluable step forward! And to learn from the things which went not so well. Racing gives you a honest, almost brutally honest feedback. If you cannot stay the trouth, then this is not a your sport.  Even if you „lost“ you can leave the battle field invigorated! That’s it, what it’s all about. Ironman is you racing yourself for your better self. Happy to see all determined for their next battle field!


And finally, Andrej Vistiva and Mauro Baertsch got the notification that they qualified for the big show on Hawaii.

Well done to all!

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak

Craig Adams finished his first ever IM on the back of 12hrs plan and 4 weeks of coaching in 11:43, 32nd in his AG! 3 weeks ago he was questioning whether he will be able to finish! Some sound nutritional advise, racing strategy and pacing set his mind in a right place and he was 32nd – not bad at all.

I would like to say thank you for your guidance and support without it I would have struggled especially with regards to nutrition, and pushing myself on the long training days, camel back was certainly a life saver!

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger

Oriana_ZurichOriana 2nd place at 5159 Zuerich.

Oriana Heer 2nd W35-39 at 5150 Zuerich in 2:19.56, getting ready for the 70.3 Worlds in Australia!

EmanuelaEmanuela, 3rd at Madonna di Campiglio.

Emanuela Redaelli, triathlon sprint at Madonna di Campiglio (Italy) 3rd W45-49 in 1:36.14.

Olympic distance no draft at Brasimone (Italy), each athlete did this race just asa preparation for upcoming 70.3 races:

Paola_BrasPaola at Brasimone, 2nd place!

Paola Bonfreschi, 2nd W45-49 in 2:48.05

Marzia Panizza, 5th W25-29 in 3:06.42, Marzia had a bike crash after 5km into the race and was very brave to finish it!

Irene_DavidIrene and David at Brasimone.

Irene Coletto, 3rd W30-34 in 2:31.54

Saverio Venturelli, 20th M45-59 in 2:33.56

David Galafassi, 25th M40-44 in 2:34.17

Martina Dogana, 7th at the European long distance champs at Challenge Poznan (Ironman distance) in 9:47.02

Unfortunately we were not able to show all the potential. Maybe Martina was still tired from the excellent Ironman race she did at Venice in June.

She didn’t felt strong since the beginning and after a very good first half of the season, now ti’s time to rest a bit and finish strong as she can for the next months of racing.

Proud of her, because she never quit, even in hard days!

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

Matt_Leeman_OutlawMatt Leeman 4th at the Full Outlaw!

Matt Leeman’s not even been with me a season yet, but has improved so much in a short period of time – a couple of wins, a 4th at the Outlaw half and just finishing outside the Top 10 at Staffordshire 70.3!

He took on his first ever Iron distance race this weekend with The Full Outlaw! Not only has Matt not done the distance, but for various reasons we’ve decided not to push specific Iron training too much, as there’s sometimes more to completing and competing in a Iron distance race than just being physically ready.

Matt got a good start working at the front and at the turn point Matt decided to push on and pull away, he exited the water 1st. Onto the bike Matt got kept up the battle, but by the 40 mile mark he hit a little dip and the other guys passed him and pulled away. Now this was never a shocker for us as Matt’s bike is work in progress. We went into the race knowing we would be short in this area during his 1st Iron.

Coming in T2 in 6th and around 18min down, Matt didn’t seem phased and took to the challenge ticking off every mile 1 by 1 and split wise running faster than the front guys. By the 16/17th mile he found out what the finish is all about! The war of that last section to any Iron marathon, but he dug deep held on and picked up a gear managing to cross the line in 4th position. Mot bad for his 1st. I’m very proud. This is a massive breakthrough mentally, forget the times and positions. Matt’s realised something this weekend and I think with continued progress is one for the future.

Kiera_BedfordKiera Tippett 1st U20 at the Bedford Tri.

Kiera Tippett took on her first ever Olympic distance race at the Bedford Tri. A week ago her mother and Kiera asked me ‘will you be her 1st race as she is nervous’ and my answer was NO. She doesn’t need me there she’ll be just fine and prove she has what it takes. She did just that.

Pushing hard at the front she exited the water in 22min and out of T1 onto the bike she got stuck in as she had an extra bit of motivation! To make sure she beat her dad who was also racing! Out of T2 onto the run Kiera felt good and started to really find her stride, but then at the 5km marker after suddenly thinking ‘I have another 5km’ the pain started and she had to battle. But the effort on the day paid off as she crossed the line 1st u20 and 2nd overall. Very well done Kiera great progress

Finally, Rob Hume, who has been preparing for Ironman Wales decided to have a hit out and race an Olympic distance as a training exercise to find out where he is. His training has been going very well and I don’t think Rob realised how strong he is becoming so this was really good for him. He did the St Mary’s Loch Triathlon, an open water standard with a hilly bike and an off road run. It was wet and windy unfortunately, but the main objective was to get pacing right after he raced Mallorca and have a good race.

Rob did just that – swimming, biking and running to the plan but by his surprise even won his age group comfortably in a time of 2.25! He has never done this one before and was very happy considering winning his age group never a thought as we hit this race with a different objective. Very well done Rob showing great progress.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Strong ride by MarianaStrong ride by Mariana.

The Zurich 5150 is always a fun event and Mariana Andrade and Nina Derron made the most of the opportunity jumping into the elite field to test themselves out over the shorter distance. Starting the bike a little further back than we had hoped, they both rode strongly and pushed each other well as they worked their way through the field. A great run race between the two also with Nina finishing in 3rd place and Mariana in 4th, less than 40 secs apart.


Nina runs herself to 3rd at 5i50 Zurich.

Currently visiting family back home in Canada, Joey-Lynn Musselman has enjoyed two Trisutto training camps with coach Michelle and then capped it off this weekend with a strong race at Whistler 70.3 finishing 4th in her Age Group. Joey doesn’t usually like hilly courses…., but she might just be starting to enjoy them… 😉

Joey Post race in Whistler with her biggest fan!Joey Post race in Whistler with her biggest fan!

Sergio Silva lined up this weekend at the New York Triathlon. Pleased with both swim and bike, the dreaded shin splints that have plagued Sergio’s running for a long time unfortunately decided to re-emerge in this race. Like always, Sergio tried to keep a positive outlook as he worked his way through the problem. The shins eventually came around and Sergio was able to run home strongly.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Jordan Brydan 70.3 CalgaryJordan Brydan 70.3 Calgary.

Well done this week to the following athletes who once again did me proud 🙂

Andrea Rudin raced in Ironman Switzerland and achieved a super 3rd place in her category. Her first full distance race since a back injury 4 years ago, when Andrea was told she would not be able to do competitive sport again. I’m very happy and proud for Andrea, and what she has achieved. Andrea won the Swiss Long Course Champs for her category.

Philippe Blatter completed his 16th Ironman in style at Zurich. His career role see’s him travel internationally two out of three weeks, and to be able to not only compete the Ironman, but to do it in a style, shows what is possible if we make it part of a healthy lifestyle – what Philippe describes as being fit for business. Chapeau.

Scott McGrath New York TriathlonScott McGrath New York Triathlon.

Scott McGrath had an excellent training race at New York Triathlon, as he prepares for Ironman Canada in just a few short weeks from now. Scott surprised me with some excellent splits, on what was our ‘Ironman speed work’ day 😉

Jordan Brydan, after finishing Roth last week in sub 8:30 flew home to Calgary, and decided on a late entry to the 70.3  A handy 4:00 finish was a good result for the big fella only a week since Roth, and shows he is getting fitter. Now to continue the work at home.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

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