Bird on the rampage. Photo credit: Challenge Roth

Challenge Roth is done and dusted and it seems writing a a race recap for the Angry Bird (Daniela Ryf) is becoming a pointless exercise. We all saw a rather special performance. I could pretend it was a great coaching feat, but the truth is it wasn’t. Not in my dreams did I believe she would be so competitive. Behind in her training schedule with illness and change of plans I honestly was waiting for her legs to fall off at the 140km mark after ignoring instructions to ride conservatively. Instead, she produced one of the most stunning last 40km on the bike we’ve seen for a 4:31 split. The run legs are only fit to run 25km, but with 2:57 marathon I think she held it together quite well.

I know no-one believes me.

‘You guys were gunning for the record the whole time but not telling anyone!’

But I don’t know what to say. Ask any of the squad members who were on deck over the last 10 days since Frankfurt and have seen it themselves – the coughing, the arguments poolside about being ‘too sick to train’ and then can turn up at Roth and do that. I don’t believe it myself.

Until now I’ve been very, very hesitant about making comparisons between Chrissie (Wellington) but there’s no choice. We are privileged to be in the company of not a Champion, but a phenomenon. And as with Chrissie I suggest everyone just sits back and enjoys the ride!

Jane_RothJane Hansom: One of the best age group performances I’ve ever seen.

Not far behind in terms of performance was our crazy Scot (Jane Hansom), who on telling me we have to ‘change the training’ during the taper as ‘I got a little business trip but I’ll be back in time for the race.’ OK, no problem. Where you travelling to? ‘Nevis!’

Insane was my immediate reaction. But she flew to Nevis, arrived back Thursday morning, stiff cup of coffee before flying to Roth winning her age group by over an hour with a 9:38 while dismantling half the pro field in one of the best ever performances I’ve seen from an age group athlete. And I have seen plenty. So coach was again totally mesmerised by another performance I didn’t see coming.

Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler:

Andrej_IMUKAndrej Vistica on the podium at Ironman UK.

This weekend again was very successful: Andrej Vistica stepped back on the professional podium at IM UK. To his standards, he had a slow swim and bike. But then he managed to run himself into 3rd with a strong marathon and to get the final points for his Kona qualification. Looking forward to welcome Andrej here in St. Moritz to fix his swim and bike. That will lay the base for a successful 2nd half of this year.

Moritz_RothMoritz Bachmann did extremely well in his first long distance race.

At Challenge Roth, I had some athletes racing who are training with me or attended some of my camps. It’s always a pleasure for a coach to see athletes performing well on the knowledge and teaching you gave them. It was just a fantastic weekend.

3 years after starting traithlon, Moritz Bachmann did his first long distance race. And he did extremely well, not just finishing, but hammering out a decent time of 10:27h. He spent a fantastic time with other Trisutto athletes at expo and camping site, had great support at the race course, went through all ups and downs during the race, but never faded. After the race, he thanked me „for helping me to experience some of the most exciting emotions in his life.“ Very humbled by that, despite he didn’t mention if those emotions were positive or negative… 😉 Well done, Moritz!

Neil_M20 minute PB for Neil McLoughlin.

Neil McLoughlin had a fantastic race as well, bettering his personla best by a whopping 20min on the same course. He exceeded my pacing strategy and maybe his expectations with a 9:46h, finally breaking the 10h mark. It was not a perfect day, but that seldom happens. Ironman is all about adaption and improvisation. Neil proved impressively how good of an athletes he is. Not normal…!

Rico_GRico following instructions!

Rico Giovanoli did „only” the bike leg in his relay team. Despite that served him as a long training day, and he was not allowed to go flat out, he was pretty fast with a 4:50 bike split. I gave him detailed orders how to structure that 180km ride. He is so dedicated that he straight away put that session as a tatoo on his arm.

Peter_Rudolph_Hamburg3rd for Peter at ITU Hamburg.

An alst but not least, Peter Rudolph had a great race at the ITU Hamburg olympic distance race, placing 3rd in his age group. He’s indeed sorming from podium to podium. Great build-up for his next race!

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Sascha_runSascha nailing it on the run at Roth!

What a weekend for my crew!

First kudos goes out to Sascha Held for the unbelievable effort he put out at Roth this weekend only 2 weeks after his sub 10 performance in only his 2nd attempt at Ironman in Frankfurt!

Before achieving the goal in Frankfurt we both knew he had a spot for Roth but was just going to wait to see if Sascha was mentally prepared to go again & if he was I would give him every opportunity to have success there with the right training after Frankfurt. I wasn’t about to tell an athlete who had trained so hard and so consistant all year that he can’t race one of the most iconic races in the sport- so we were both excited!

We had a specific plan for the race and it worked like a charm! Sascha nailed a sub 5 bike split and got off and ran even better than Frankfurt to come over the line in 9:40! 18th in one of the most competitive age groups in the sport at one of the most competitive a races outside of Kona! Outstanding effort Sascha- this is just a GREAT example of an athlete who does everything they are told and just gets on with it no matter what- I couldn’t be more happy for him!!

Jacqui Saxon who had been on the road to recovery after a full ACL reconstruction at the end of last year also did me proud on the weekend! She did her 2nd 10 km this year with no issues and even a smidge faster with extremely hot condition to what she did just 6 weeks ago. Jacqui had been making fantastic progress with her strength from not even being able to walk 8 months ago- we are certainly on our way!

Melonie_MichelleMelonie looking fresh as a daisy after a massively hilly 21km race.

Melonie Macdonald attended another Trisutto Camp and was the only participant brave enough (besides the silly coaches!) to finish the camp with a 21 km trail race which included 800m of ascent! Last year Melonie couldn’t run without pain and was told to quit Traithlon as she would never be able to run long distance again! Melonie came in 2nd in her Age, did the whole race pain free, stronger than ever and even fresh as a daisy at the finish line! Her strength improvement have been unreal not only on the bike and run but in camp 1 Melonie started in the slow lane and by the 5th camp she was swimming in the fast last with more than 20 sec/100m improvement! We are in a perfect spot for her build to Ironman Cozumel!

Kendall_VernonKendell just before the 10 km with 400m of ascent!

Kendell Pritchard had a super strong week at camp also and came away with a 2nd at the 10 km! I have also noticed massive improvements in her swimming as well since the last Vernon Camp in May- she swam her fastest set of 100’s in the pool than I’ve seen all year! Well done Kendell!

Gary_VernonGary Barnes helping on deck with the Camp then nailing the 21 km trail race!

Last but not least- shout out to our Volunteer Trisutto Camp coach who also happens to be my husband Gary Barnes:-) He uses up all his holidays to help with our Trisutto North American camps and does a phenomenal job one on one with the campers often getting immediate results with just small changes! He also happens to be a very talented athlete- he turned up to the 21 km crazy hilly trail race as probably the heaviest guy there and came away with 3rd overall. Doesn’t take much to get Gary fit! Nice one and thanks for all you do for us at Trisutto Gary!

Race Recap from Coach Mathias Hecht:

Markus_BelindaHappy couple: Markus Fehr and Belinda Bobst after their Challenge Roth finish!

Markus Fehr: Challenge Roth

Markus had a bit of a rocky preperation for roth with 2 bike accidents and an inflammation. But despite that, he was fighting hard all  and was just 5mins off his PB ( Finish time: 12:33h). It was good to see our nutrition plan worked out well too.

Belinda Bobst: Challenge Roth

Belinda is dealing with foot pain since quite a while and she really surprised me with a a very good race. She set a new PB with a 12:45h which she can be very proud of. And she knows, without the foot problem , she can go even better.

Dani Schaller: Challenge Roth

Dani is one of the hardest workers I know (in his job and in his training beside of the full work schedule). Our goal was to break the 10hour mark. His training was going really well and it was all set for breaking this barrier. Swim and bike was rock solid, leaving T2 at 6h06mins which would have given him plenty of time for the marathon. He was still way under the 10h pace when he started to have massive stomach cramps at 21km into the run. several stops to the loo and not able to take food inside properly anymore made the second 21km a very long way and broke his amibitions for the 10h. But as I know him , he will not think about the lost chance and look forward to target the next big race.

Adam Miller: The Fugitive Triathlon Middle Distance, England

Adam did this half distance race as a little training hit out in his 70.3 world champs preperation. he finished 5th overall and won his age groupe. in a time of 4:26h

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Ingrid RunIngrid running strongly for the win.

Ingrid Kidd and Mirjam Weerd raced impressively over shorter distances this weekend…, both finishing with a win 🙂

After battling a heavy cold all week, Ingrid lined up a little tentatively for the Knockburn Olympic Distance race in Scotland. Ingrid however was able to race strongly finishing with a win in her category and 2nd overall in the women’s race. Back on track!

Special mention to Ingrid’s two eldest children, Zara and Isla who raced their first ever triathlon in the Kids race, both finishing on the podium and with big grins! Great job girls, 🙂

Mirjam Bike Breakaway photo credit Marc van der KortMirjam Bike Breakaway. Photo credit: Marc van der Kort

Mirjam travelled pretty much straight from our St.Moritz Training Camp base to Rotterdam to compete for her ACE TTW Ladies Tri team over a Sprint Distance event in the Dutch Eredivisie league. Despite her long course T1 transition time (!) Mirjam was quickly able to catch the leaders on the bike, then break away solo, further increasing her lead on the run, to take the outright win. Nice little speedy race for Mirjam as she prepares for some 70.3 distance events over the coming weeks.

Race Recap from Edith Niederfriniger:


Anna Pasquini did the 70.3 Racine (USA) as a test race in preparation for her first full distance Ironman in October. Due to the bad weather conditions this race was modified in a 50km time trial + 21,1km run.

Anna mantained a positive attitude and placed 17. W40-44 in 3:31.46. She executed our race plan perfectly.


Patrizia Dorsi and her husband, Gustavo Lodi, did a mountain time trial race from Bobbio up to passo Penice (Italy). This race was a main goal for Patrizia and we brought home the overall win in 47:43! So very very happy with this outcome.

Gustavo placed 6. in his category in 47:31.

Mauro Fiorini, after a long period without running due to an Achilles injury gave his comeback in triathlon. He did a sprint race in Senigallia (Italy) finishing in 1:21.05. Finally back!

Race Recap from Coach Mat O’Halloran:

Martin BarnerA 9:18 for Martin Barner! 

This past weekend I had 4 athletes racing one of the biggest races of the year: Challenge Roth. It was all their first time to join this event, and possibly, not the last!

First up was Danish family man Martin Barner, who was doing his first Ironman distance event. He put together a very balanced effort and executed the race plan properly. He closed the race off with a 3h07 marathon, for a total time of 9h18. The weekend was especially sweet for him, as his son William won his age group at the Junior Challenge event. Not too far behind Martin, was Jong Sajulga of Team TriBu Caltex Delo, who after struggling with a viral infection 2 weeks before the race and long travel from his home town in beautiful Bukidnon, he managed to set a PR and join the sub 10 hour club, with a time of 9h54, with less than ideal sensations. This extends his consistent improvements at the distance to 3 seasons.

Team TriBu Caltex DeloTeam TriBu Caltex Delo!

Just over two hours after Jong, his TriBu Caltex Delo teammate, Gregie Pamakid, put together a solid all around effort, with a slight struggle on the run, to set a new PR for himself, in a time of 12h13, just short of his goal of going sub 12. Then a couple hours behind him, it was Team Tribu Caltex Delo’s very own title sponsor: Harley Keith Yu, who was doing his best to get the most out of himself, after a less than ideal preparation, due to lots of business travels and slight health issues earlier in the year. Harley also set a PR, in his 3rd Ironman Distance finish, with a time of 14h31, thanks to a consistent “go all day pace” that allowed him to enjoy this iconic event!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Gisela Walti Challenge Roth finishGisela and Walti at race Roth finish.

Gisela Reichmouth and hubbie Walti raced as a team at Challenge Roth. To make things interesting, bets were on as to who would have the quickest time – Gisela in the swim and run (add her two times together), or Walti on the bike?  It was a close call in the end, with Walti coming up trumps by 2 minutes. Much fun had by all, and well done for showing such great spirit.

Jordan_RothJordan putting together a PB at Challenge Roth.

Jordan Brydan, took another step forward.  Turning up to summer camp in St Moritz in less than ideal condition. Two months of consistent work saw Jordan have a solid race at Challenge Roth, finishing 12th professional male.  It gave him a glimpse of what would be possible, should he continue with the consistent work, 2 years not 2 months.  Well done Jordan for turning things around, and here’s to continuing the work – onwards and upwards.

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

Kiera_recapHuge PB by Kiera!

Kiera Tippett after the recent success of becoming British AG Sprint Champ decided to go have some fun and enter a swim race. She Entered a race at Grantham Open Water venue where she raced last year and completed 1500m in 28min, This year she absolutely smashed her PB by coming home in 23min. Just shows you when you work hard good things can happen well done.

Trav_RothTravis Tremayne doing a great job at Roth.

Travis Tremayne raced Iron distance Roth. Myself and Trav haven’t been working together long but in a very short period of time around 6 weeks now, some harsh reality checks of me speaking the truth his finally starting to get it and things are starting to roll in our favour. So coming into this race he wasn’t completely fit, he lacked consistency so it was all about making it count in the best way to get the best result for him.

I have really pushed Trav hard in the swim over the last 4 weeks and it’s all paid off. I can’t not mention my mentor on this though, Brett Sutton, as he and I have had input equally on camps in Majorca and St Moritz with Trav so a massive team effort. We have worked hard on the other 2 but again like the swim we are only just scratching the surface.

We decided that we should play the patience game and credit Trav he executed that almost to the letter, we decided on each discipline to start easy and work into it in order to have the better outcome across the day. I was always confident that he would hold up well on the swim and bike but it was the run where one can throw it away, so I instructed him to take it easy on the bike and hold off, so he could come in off the bike as fresh as he could, then the plan was for the 1st 15k to try and hold 5min pace, and try and hit 25min for every 5k, and he did that almost bang on!

He started the swim and positioned well getting into a comfortable pace very early and working into the swim, he exited the water in 1.03 and was a cracker of a result for him, then out of T1 onto the bike and again the plan was start off easy and work into it, but try and hold back for the run, again he done this so well and even though he held back he came into T2 in a time of 5.20 which is not bad at all, then onto that Mara run, the part where so many will say is where it really takes place. The plan again was take it easy for the 1st 15k and work you way into it trying to hold 5min k pace or as close all the way, he done this and done it very well crossing the finish line in 10.20.

I need to say how I’m proud of Travis I am, he has achieved for him something special here, something that he can build on, and I believe his got so much more to come, very well done Happy.

Daz_FambridgeTenacious 2nd from Daz Parker!

Daz Parker competed in the Fambridge Middle ( Run by Dengie events) as she continues to make her transition from Xterra to 70.3 and Iron distance races. Daz has been training really well and she’s made some really big improvements across all 3 swim/bike and run so this w/e was a chance to see where we are.

Daz set off in the tidal swim and lead from the front in the females and made some ground on the top males, she exited the water in about 8th overall and 1st female, out of T1 she pushed on the bike and really started putting a gap between her and 2nd female, the gap at the half way point was around 5min but then Daz was made to take a wrong turn and by the time she was told to turn round it was 4mile in and she lost a lot of ground.

Daz dug in and kept up the fight, pulled her way back by working really hard picking off athletes 1 by 1 and came into T2 in 3rd, but was 16min down by this point on the lead female.

Although she was very upset she still pushed on and to her credit pulled back into 2nd and crossed the line 15min behind 1st. Although still a very good performance it was a mix of feelings on this race, one that we learn from and be positive about as the progress and performances are starting to come. Well done Daz.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

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