St Moritz Winter Triathlon Camps

Join us for Winter Triathlon (swim, cross-country ski, run) camps in St. Moritz.

Train with the Best

Experience an incredible seven days of training with world-renown coach, Brett Sutton, Robbie Haywood and our stable of professional athletes at our amazing St Moritz training base in Switzerland.

Be Inspired

Train side by side with Olympic Gold Medalist Nicola Spirig, IM 70.3 South Africa Champion, Matt Trautman, and 70.3 World Champion Daniela Ryf. The same workouts, the same suffering and the same tough love.

See Results

Fine tune your triathlon preparation and see improvement. This camp is not about how much training you can do in one week! You’ll be training, but we attempt to teach you things that will help you get better, and you can use once home.

World Class Coaching, Facilities and Venue


Access to Brett Sutton and coaches during the camp, inclduing Q&A sessions.


Group training sessions for all levels and abilities. Train side-by-side with the world’s best.


Learn from the coach that has trained Olympic, World and Ironman Champions.


Whether you’re trying to qualify for Kona or doing your first triathlon, learn and be pushed in our camps.


Comprehensive analysis and feedback on your swim, bike and run technique and training.


Make new friends with like-minded triathletes and coaches from all over the world.

About Our Winter Triathlon Camps

Winter Triathlon camps run in conjunction with our partners at Suvretta Sports:

Swim with Head Coach, Brett Sutton, each morning for the duration of your ski camp.

Mid-morning then participate in cross-country ski training with Suvretta Sports:

  • Coaching for Beginners and Advanced in different Levels
  • Skating as well as Classic skiing  in blocks of 2.0 hours per cross-country technique.
  • Free Depot at the Outdoorcenter St.Moritz
  • 10% Discount on Equipment rental
  • Waxing Tutorial in the new crosscountry Center
  • Cross Country Pin “Oberengadin”

The camps include full pool access, along with access to the GUT training gymnasium for afternoon / evening treadmill workouts.

See full details here.


St Moritz Winter Triathlon Camp Dates

Camp 1

3rd-6th December, 2015.

Camp 2

10th-13th December, 2015,

Camp 3

21st-24th January, 2016.

Camp 4

28th-31st January, 2016.

6-Day Camps

Camp 1

25th-30th January, 2016.

Camp 2

29th February- 5th March, 2016.

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