Welcoming Coach Andrej Vistica

Welcoming Coach Andrej Vistica

Croatia’s champion triathlete Andrej joins the Trisutto Coaching team. Photo Credit: Daniel Comiza

It gives me great pleasure to see Andrej Vistica complete his Trisutto Coaching certification and join our ranks as not just an athlete but a coach as well.

Andrej is a special story 7 years in the making. He doesn’t come from financial privilege or the head start of another sport background. He had a dream to become a professional athlete while living and working in his home country of Croatia. He started out with 10 hour work days, fitting training around it. He built himself up with pure determination then moved to train with Trisutto coach Jo Spindler, and cut his work hours down to 5 hour days.

Welcome to the team Andrej!

The outcome was that coach and pupil did a magnificent job, not only did Andrej gain his dream of being a professional athlete but look at this resume all from no sporting background.

His dedication, attention to detail and passion to be better had me thinking, this is an athlete who could be an excellent coach. This year Andrej has worked with me with the express purpose of me tutoring him as a coach. However his results as an athlete have also been exceptional. So, welcome to our coaching roster Andrej and we look forward to a successful a career in coaching as your having as an Ironman athlete.

Andrej Vistica’s  coaching profile can be viewed here. Andrej is currently taking on athletes of all ability levels. Coach Andrej discusses the running versus running for Triathlon in this informative Coaching Vlog.


Join Trisutto Head Coach Brett Sutton and his squad at training Camp in Cyprus in April, 2018 for insights into the Trisutto Coaching and Training methodologies.

Welcoming Coach Declan Doyle

Welcoming Coach Declan Doyle

As our Trisutto family continues to grow, I am very pleased to welcome coach Declan Doyle.

I have known Declan for more than 10 years, and during that time I have been able to observe his outstanding exploits as an athlete, while he continued his career in teaching. As a skilled educator, with athletic and coaching ability, I have asked Declan many times if he was interested in using his skills to help his fellow triathletes. This year Declan graduated from our Trisutto Coaching Certification course and showed to all in the Trisutto administration why I have pushed so hard, to see him join our team.

Coach Declan joins the Trisutto Coaching Team

An expert educator he knows Triathlon from the inside, and has attended training camps long before my Trisutto days. An Irish sense of humor brings to the table a unique set of skills that I believe will enhance every athlete he works with.

If you are considering a coach, getting in contact with Declan will be a far more practical investment in your Triathlon than any tech gadget on the market.

Declan, I wish you the very best in your choice of moving to the other side of the fence. I am truly confident you will make an excellent coach.


Join Trisutto Head Coach Brett Sutton and his squad at training Camp in Cyprus in April, 2018 for insights into the Trisutto Coaching and Training methodologies.

Nature or nurture?

Nature or nurture?

Have you ever considered why you may not reach the same levels of performance as say Nicola Spirig or Daniela Ryf? You may put it down to not training hard enough or not having the time to put in that much effort. In fact. It may not be your fault.

In general, there are two categories of triathletes that perform at the highest level: the genetically talented or gifted athlete and the athlete with a highly developed capacity to train and a specific training program guiding them.

When athletes perform at the top level they often attribute their success to superior coaching, access to a great training environment or beginning training at a young age. Could their success be attributed to underlying biological predispositions? Genetic traits are thought to account for up to half the variation in performance and the other half in the athletes response to training.

These genetic qualities are not only the inherited characteristics of their parents such as height and arm length, leg length etc, but also muscle fibre type (fast and slow twitch muscle fibres) and the capacity to attain high levels of fitness (maximal oxygen uptake) or inherited cardiovascular traits.

From this perspective, whether you will make a champion or not, is governed by:
a) The type of mix in your anatomical, physiological and behavioural characteristics that you were born with;
b) Proper training, rest and nutrition, and
c) The ability of those inherited characteristics to adapt to the training, rest and nutrition.

Other factors that may affect performance include the trainability of the athlete. There are some people who are what we call “non responders”, who have great difficulty to improve in sport and of course never attain any high performance levels but still find it enjoyable to train and compete. Neuromuscular activity and biomechanics (skill) plays a part in the sport of triathlon but not to the same extent as in single sports. The nature of triathlon does not require perfect skill development. The swim, being in open water and in a group situation does not require a perfect swim stroke to perform well. The bike can be in draft legal or illegal format and does not require the same level of skill as an Olympic cyclist. The run is decided by who is the fastest after the swim and bike, not necessarily the runner with the fastest run time trial. It is often determined by the strongest, fittest runner.


Probably one of the most important factors in producing a high performing athlete is to find individuals who are highly motivated and are likely to persist over the long duration required to produce a champion.

Training over a long period can vary between individuals but could span between 10-15 years. This could be the initial learning of fundamentals of the sport; the building of performance power and capacity; and the reaching of an international level. Once the athlete has reached this level of performance, it is not uncommon that another 6-8 years of competitive experience may be needed to achieve consistent world class rankings.

So taking into account all of the above, there are also the psychological factors. This includes the ability to tolerate pain and fatigue and also dedication and diligence to train and race at such a high level. Other psychological factors that are important include motivation, aggression, focus, the ability to sustain effort, attitudes toward winning and losing, the ability to cope with anxiety and stress, management of distractions, capacity to relax and of course, coach-ability.

Coach-ability encompasses not only following a specific training program but also being tenacious, conscientious, and demonstrating a perseverance and readiness to perform. That is what you need to bring to the table if you wish to improve and succeed in this sport.

Unfortunately there is little that can be done about changing your genetic make up, you will have to live with that, but those people with a highly developed work ethic and a successful system of coaching that is guiding their efforts have a better chance of reaching your true potential.


Rob Pickard is a former National Coaching Director and High Performance Manager of Triathlon Australia, and is based in Australia. Rob is mentor for coaches studying at our Trisutto Coaching Academy

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Podiums and Personal Bests

Podiums and Personal Bests

Kate staying patient on a hot humid day at Ironman Taiwan. Photo Credit: David Sun Ironman Taiwan Media

Kate Bevilaqua raced Ironman Taiwan where high heat and humidity made the race so much harder.  Kate put her patience and determination to the ultimate test by having to forget about pace, or speeds.  This race was about surviving the best she could in the difficult conditions. Kate finished the race on the podium with a great 2nd place.  A race to be proud of. Well done Kate.

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

Gill I’m very proud of you, we all are. Very well done for your achievements in 2017.

This weekend Gill Fullen took on Ironman Barcelona in what would be her 2nd Ironman of the season. Gill set off had a solid sea swim and came into T1 in a good position but a position where she needed to get her head down and work hard on the bike, that she did, Gill seemed to get stronger and stronger as the bike went on and came into T2 in 4hrs 53min an amazing PB for Gill. Onto the run where its her strongest discipline although the speed isnt there just yet she put in a solid performance on the marathon to cross the line in 9.43 which is another PB overall / 1st in her AG / qualification for Kona 2018 and slipped in the top 20 overall.
Gills had an amazing season this year, everyone knows her story by now and she’s an inspiration for everyone.

Race Recap from Coach Ed Rechnitzer:

Jeremy relishing his well earned victory. For once…. a useful prize….Salud!

Big congrats to Jeremy Breach for taking the overall win at the scorching hot and windy Rocky Point Olympic triathlon at Puerto Penasco, Mexico on Sat! All the hard work in the swim continues to pay off as Jeremy emerged 4th out of the water. He seized 3rd on the bike and then put it down on the run to cross the line first.  “The front runners all ran out of steam and I was able to just keep pushing through.  Biked without power meter because it wasnt reading, paced off of feel [music to coach’s ears!].  Beat the other guys in the last 3 miles of the run  without having to tear up my legs in a final push or sprint!” Awesome effort mate. Well done.

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

PB’s all round for Mania! Great work.

Edipsos multisport & wellness festival is over. One of the races that you have to do. Great running route next to the sea, for the first 10klm and technical long hills for the second half of halfmarathon.
New PB ,thanks to my coach Vassilis Krommidas!

  • 2nd overall/ 3000 swimming
  • 3rd overall/ halfmarathon
  • 2nd overall/ Hercules combination, for finishers of 3k swim and 21,2k run


Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Craig Strong completed in the Naptown half-distance race this weekend in Indiana, and our first race together since he joined the TriSutto squad earlier this Summer. At the end of the day, Craig produced a 7th place Overall and won his age group on the back of a solid swim, bike, and run! We still have some equipment and fit issues to work out, but we are well on our way to a great start towards preps for Ironman Brazil in 2018! Great job, Craig!

Jappas Du Preez ran a local cross-country league race in England this weekend crossing the line in 4th place! It’s great to see Jappas running completely healthy and producing some fun and great results this Fall! Congrats, Jappas!

Maxi Spahn produced another podium this weekend, finishing 3rd at the Cube Cup Scheßlitz MTB. Maxi has some great form, but we are searching for that luck that has taken away the top step of the podium in the last few weeks! Keep pushing and it’ll come soon, Maxi!

Congratulations to all athletes competing this weekend.

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A Blockbuster Weekend!

A Blockbuster Weekend!

Katey Gibb is the Sunshine Coast 70.3 Champion!

Katey Gibb took her 2nd Professional 70.3 victory of the year on Sunday winning the Sunshine Coast 70.3 in dominating fashion. Exiting the water in the front group Katey then went about riding solo to build a huge lead allowing herself a conservative approach on run to defend and come across line 3:43min in front. I couldn’t be prouder, as after her emotional home victory in Busselton in May this year, I suspected this race was the driving force that powered
Katey’s dreams, I may have been right, so some hard questions were asked and we went about changing up Katey’s outlook on Triathlon which then saw her settle into her new full time job. So happy to say, that Katey has now won her NEW home race, and the new approach and upcoming life events that put a big smile on Katey’s face make coach very happy.

Jacqui Thistleton headed up on a last minute trip to China for the Beijing International Triathlon. An invite only non-drafting Olympic Distance, Jacqui used it as a good hit-out over the shorter distance and for coach to prove to her after her recent race crash in Cebu 70.3 and subsequent wound infection that she’s more then recovered and ready to knuckle down to work ahead of the end of year70.3’s. Jacqui was 4th behind some quality Olympic Distance specialists.

Felicity Sheedy-Ryan raced the Czech Republic ITU World Cup in KaloVary. After some hectic travel back from North America after her Duathlon World Title which included a few cancelled flights etc (read trip from hell!!!) Flick settled into her home for the next few weeks in Girona Spain before heading off to Czech. Flick made some improvement on her usual deficit to the front in the swim, and despite riding same time as the first group solo, Flick ran though all but 3 girls (eventual winner Gillian Backhouse lead solo all day) only to be out sprinted in final 200m to take 6th. A solid race, and one that now settled for a few weeks we will continue to build on…

Stacey running relaxed and strongly through the half marathon at the Sunshine Coast 70.3,

Hayley Stevenson and Stacey Van Muelen also raced the Sunshine Coast 70.3, this was Hayley’s first race back after the Nice Ironman and some well deserved down time while holidaying through Europe. Hayley was given the goal of matching her first and last 5k run splits which she did!!! Stacey had a very solid race, coming 2nd in her age-group by only 4sec and PB’ing all legs, the great thing is, there is much to work on despite great race, so we will continue the push forward.

Racing in Chattanooga, the first of two Ironman World Champs events for Jess this year.

Jess Ripper raced the World 70.3 Championships after making the trip from his Japan home. After a solid swim and with the race plan to be quite conservative on the early climb on bike, which is quite hard to do on fresh legs amongst hundreds of pumped athletes in a championship event. Jess struggled compared to normal on the tough run course but no time to dwell, Jess is back home for the final lead-in to Kona in 5 weeks time.

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

With public interest and focus on Daniela Ryf’s 5th Ironman Word Title win this weekend, we should not forget our other warriors. Back in Switzerland Celine Schaerer rounded out her race preparations for Kona with a solid win in Seeland Triathlon in Murten.  No taper for Celine, just a solid swim, bike and run – well done Celine.

Fourth place finish for Andrej in Wales.

Andrej Vistica ventured to Ironman Wales. There is no doubt that this guy is tough, backing up from a great second place finish at Embrunman long distance race less than a month ago. Although he is not recovered, he produced a fantastic run to motor into 4th place on a very challenging course. Well done indeed.

Rei finished 17th in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Photo Credit @wagner.araujo.via Mundotri.com.br

As Reinaldo Colucci heads into his final preparation for Kona, he wanted to take on the 70.3 World Championships, as a test for next season, and where he needs to improve. Both this Championship and Kona are a ‘try before you buy’ experience as we look to put our heads down for 2018.

Race Recap from Coach Melanie Mitchell:

Superb effort by Laura in Chattanooga!

I have been working with Laura for the last 6 months with the focus on taking Laura to her first ever World Championship 70.3 Half Ironman event.Laura came to me after completing a Trisutto 16 week Half Ironman program, then entered her very first 70.3 event in Subic Bay. Laura surprised herself and won the 30-34 category and booked herself a ticket into the 70.3 World Championships, which was to be her second Half ironman event. With the gravity of being a new comer to the sport and having booked herself a place to a World championships event Laura decided to get herself a Trisutto coach.
Her and I are a perfect fit, from our very first conversation I knew there was something special about Laura, she was positive and VERY determined. I was excited and nervous to take her to her first ever World Championship event. I have lots of experience working with Mums and being a mum myself I understand the time restrictions to training and empathy if stuff happens! as it usually does with 2 small kids.
Under those circumstances, Laura who’s husband is in the Army and living on the Island of Guam managed with such determination to complete all the training. I am blown away by Laura’s dedication and the huge improvements she has made since beginning with me. I had no worries that Laura would race exceptionally well despite this being her second 70.3 event, because she applied herself in training to perfection; she was confident and like a race horse waiting for those gates to open so she could be let loose. Laura executed her race plan to perfection and the result showed, placing 15th overall in the 30-34 category.
Success isn’t just about a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. Everything Laura did up until she crossed that finish line was GOLD! Congratulations Laura!

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Kona Qualifying at Ironman Wales – Congratulations Jappas!

Jappas Du Preez lined up for his big season finale at Ironman Wales this weekend. After a great season lined with top 5’s and 10’s at the British Military races and ETU Middle Distance Championship, we decided to give the full-distance a rip. The Wales weather showed up with rain/wind/hills and small roads to make it a proper race. Jappas came out of the water in a very solid 1 hour, stayed safe on the bike and making sure to eat his buffet. Then onto the run, he managed to produce the 19th fastest run split of the day, and earn his top-10 AG spot and his ticket to Kona was punched. Coach is extra pleased as Jappas and I have worked very well together for 2 solid years, chipping away, and he is the first Kona qualifier in my squad. Massive congratulations to you Jappas!

Sascha Moryson, fresh off a solid win, last weekend, was able to come away 2nd this past weekend at the P-Weg MTB Marathon, only being beaten to the line by the current Austrian Masters Marathon MTB Champion. It’s been great to see some late season fitness showing itself in the legs, and with a few weekends to go, we continue to ride the train! Keep it up Sascha.

Florian Staudt finished his season strongly at the German Police Olympic Distance Championships this past weekend, finishing in the top bit of the bunch. It was great to see the bike power and run legs show themselves at the best all season after only a couple weeks of TriSutto workouts in them. Ready to get back to work and see what is going to happen over the Fall/Winter months and into next season with a full batch of hard work.

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Proud as punch! Great work Oriana for turning things around; happy after the race!

This weekend I had Oriana and Marco racing at Chattanooga. Oriana Heer, F35-39, had an excellent race, considering a lot of issues going on the weeks before the IM 70.3 World Championship at Chattanooga. She paced herself in a remarkable way, focussing on the moment and on herself. This is quit new for Oriana and showed that it works 🙂 I’m really proud of her, because until a few days before the race predictions were not good. 5:17.19 is a remarkable time on this tough course, very well done Oriana! This was a great piece of growing!

Mariasole and Marco proudly displaying their finisher medals in Chattanooga 🙂

Marco De Leo, M35-39, is an athlete who prefers fast and flat courses, but I believe that this difficult course was worthy for a World Championship and we have to give our best and therefore we tried to do it 🙂 As always, Marco showed a strong bike, pacing himself well over the tough hills. The half marathon performance suffered a bit, but he fought till the finish line and finish in 5:28.06. Good job Marco, be proud of yourself, not everyone is qualifying year after year for the World Championship races, you are very consistent!

Best wishes to Jana Perrone, who suffered a bike accident last week. While Jana was cycling home from work she was hit by a car and finished in hospital with a lot of contusions and a broken collarbone. Last Friday she underwent surgery to fix the fracture. All the best Jana, heal well!

Race Recap from Coach Irene Coletto:

Never give up!

Last saturday Mariasole Ghidini raced at Ironman 70.3 World Championship at Chattanooga,Tennessee. Very tough race not only for the courses but for the Mariasole’s stomach problems during the swim. She never gave up and she finished in 7:06. We are really satisfied!! Congrats for your strong mind. Well done Mariasole!

Race Recap from Coach Ed Rechnitzer:

Todd rolling through Madison Wisconsin.

I had two athletes racing this weekend, both finishing top ten in their respective AG. Jeremy Breach carved out an 8min PB at the San Diego Classic OD on Sat, placing 7th – a seven placing improvement from last year, while Todd Hawkins battled some stiff mid-West winds to finish 9th at IM Wisconsin on Sun in 10:27hrs. Solid performances gents. Well done.

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

Closing out the season with a good race in Almere, congrats Stephan.

The European triathlon season is slowly coming to an end now. Over the last weekend some of my athletes finished their racing season, while some will still race some races abroad later this season.

Stephan Meinecke decided to do another full distance race after he struggled a lot on the run in Ironman Hamburg. From my point of view it is important to finish the season with a solid race to keep motivated during the off season. He raced Challenge Almere last weekend just 4 Weeks after IM Frankfurt. Once again Stephan showed his strength in the water with one of the fastest agegroup swims of the day. He also had a very good bikeride in very hard conditions. It was raining almost during the entire 180km. But nevertheless he could break the 5hr mark for the first time and leave the transition zone in first place in his agegroup. Compared to his 3:13 Marathon in Challenge Venice Stephan struggled a bit during the run, but still finished 3rd after 9hrs25min to claim the bronze medal in his agegroup in this ETU European Championship race. Now after three full Ironmans in three months Stephan will enjoy his well deserved rest to be even more dominant moving into the 50-55 agegroup next season.

Leonhard Wiedemann traveled to Wales this past weekend to race the Ironman Wales for the first time. Without any doubt this is one of the most challenging Ironmans worldwide. It is always a quite cold swim. The way to the first transition zone alone would leave most people breathless and the bike course is for sure one of the hardest you will find in the Ironman circuit. If this would not be enough of a challenge the run course provides 500m of altitude difference as well. Leonhard had his best swim of the season exiting the water after just over 60min. On the bike he was fighting both the elements and the hilly course to finish the 180km bikeride in just under 6hrs (exactly 1hr slower compared to Ironman Hamburg 4 Weeks ago). On the run it was a hard fight to get to the finishline. Leonhard finished the race just over 11hrs. Even though it was his 4th full distance race this year he could once again improve his agegroup placement from 24th (IM Hamburg) to 18th place in Wales in the 40-45 agegroup. Leonhard will enjoy a little break as well now.

Getting the job done in challenging conditions; good job Florian!

Florian Blumenthal is still not tired from all the races he recently did and took on the Murten middle distance race last Saturday. The weather conditions were really bad and the swim was shortened from 2000m to 500m. Still it was a challenge because of the very choppy water. Florian is a very good swimmer and still needed 11min for the 500m swim. After the swim he had his best bike and run of the season. He could ride 12W more compared to 70.3 Rapperswil and still run 10s per km faster on the half marathon. This is once again a great proof that you can improve throughout the season even if you do many races. We all love racing and that´s what we train for 😉 . Murten was still not Florians last race of the season because he was lucky and won a race entry for Challenge Davos next weekend. Florian can finish his season with another interesting experiment racing two middle distance races back to back.

Martin Kasten did the short course race in Murten last Saturday. On this distance the swim was completely canceled due to the weather conditions. The race was carried out as a duathlon with a 1,2km run before the bikeride instead. Martin was a bit surprised of his race. He had great runs and his watch showed a 3:xx km split for the first time. On the bike he could set a new personal record as well and finished the race strong during the final 5km run.

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Strong across all three disciplines – great work Madina!

On a very hot day Madina Umbetova took on a local middle distance race in Almaty as a preparation for her Ironman. After a very good block of training Madina put her bike strength into practice and delivered a strong swim – bike – run combination: 1st out of water, 1st after the bike and finished 2nd women overall.

A PB and third place for Rafal.

Rafal Herman and Piotr Gasiorowski went together on a road trip to Rugen to race Ironman 70.3. The venue and the course has been voted one of the best in Europe and it promised to be an exciting race, also for the reason that both were racing in the same age group! It proved to be the case. Both Rafal and Piotr executed the plan and delivered strong results.  Rafal finished 3rd in AG with PB of 4:25 with solid swim and bike and strong run. Piotr, after some bike dismantling issues on route to T2, followed very closely in 7th position only 5 min behind. It was great training day for each of them as we built towards key races of the season.  Well done both!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Blaine, capping off a great season with another personal best.

Blaine Egan capped off his 2017 race season at 70.3 Santa Cruz and once again had massive time drops. Blaine saw a 15 minute improvement on the bike over the distance and an eight minute time drop on the run. The swim was cut short, but Blaine had his most competitive swim yet, emerging second from the water in his group. Blaine finished 7th in his group for the day. Excellent race, and an outstanding season. Well done Blaine.

Crossing the line at the World Champs – great effort Jamie!

Jamie Christy was determined to race at 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga despite having an emergency appendectomy this June. As usual, Jamie fired off a top swim and clocked the second fastest swim of the day in the amateur competition. The rest of the day was a demonstration of grit and perseverance as Jamie was determined to have a solid race at her first World Championships. Congratulations Jamie, it was your first WC, but it won’t be your last.

Bex Fink raced in her first World Championships this weekend as well. It was a solid race for Bex as she balanced it with participating in a friend’s wedding in Atlanta on the same day! Bex crossed the line, and just kept running — straight to the hotel, shower, pack the car, and make the drive back to Atlanta to preside as the wedding officiant! This was one for the record books!

Race Recap from Coach Matt Trautman:

David Hunt took on the 70.3 World Championship in Chattanooga this past weekend. As we saw it was a real all rounders course with any weaknesses being exposed. David stuck to the game plan perfectly and managed to get the most out of himself on the day, finishing the bike and run legs strongly. He should proud of his performance.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Brad pretty excited at his first 70.3 World Champs!

I had 2 athletes race the challenging, honest course in Chattanooga at 70.3 Worlds
First was Brad Hale and I couldn’t be happier with his result. After having a great race in Whistler in July we took a nice break and went into the Chattanooga build a bit more relaxed with big focus on strength through lots of big gear & strength runs. The main goal was keeping a nice balance of doing enough to be ready for the course but not too much to take away from his busy life as a father of 3, husband and busy Rancher. Brad demonstrated exactly all the methodologies we use at Trisutto and why they work! Well he had one of his best swims and swam the uphill swim in Chattanooga with a blistering cadence of 84 strokes/minute, exactly the swim that suits his short arms and immobile shoulders. All the big gear training absolutely worked as he rode the highest watts I’ve seen out of him at 77 cadence and only 135 heart rate. Then he went on to run a faster 1/2 marathon than he did last year in Calgary which was a dead flat bike course. His running heart rate today was exactly 10 beats higher (avg 145) than his bike heart rate. We had a race plan, pre race fuelling everything laid out to get him his best result based on his current fitness & I would say it worked like a charm!!! Brad doesn’t question anything, doesn’t worry about trying to target watts in training he just gets the job done! This guy has so much more potential than I think he even realizes. If he were able to do more or even desired to he would have every potential to make to it The big island one day with the right race selection. For now it was a great day out and I’m so pleased with his performance.

Shawn pretty happy to feel strong enough to get through the tough course at Worlds in Chattanooga:-)

My next super dad racing was Shawn Russet. Like Brad, we had to take a relaxed approach through the summer with all his family & kid commitments and other more important priorities other than triathlon. Knowing the course, we just stuck to the important bits of the strength & aerobic aspects so he could still have a good experience at Worlds! This is exactly what happened! Shawn had a solid swim and was able to ride the challenging bike course with no issues, even faster than what I anticipated. Shawn lacked a little bit of volume leading in to have his best run off that course but he still hung on steady start to finish with a smile. I believe, as well, we have officially sorted out his past GI distress issues. We have now done 2 x 70.3’s together with no GI issues! Now that summer is over, looking forward to building Shawn up from here for his upcoming races!

Amy Ellet showing some skills at her first cross race of the year!

Our “jack of all trades” racer Amy Ellet took on her first Cross race of the season in Calgary and had a blast, as always! She ended up crossing the line in a close race for 9th overall female but was happier to win the beer prize for mid pack winner! Amy heads to Australia for a little work sabbatical and will get to try some of the races on that side of the world!

Nat 2nd female overall at the Rainbow Beach Double Sprint 🙂

Nat Kerr took on the double sprint at Rainbow beach, 2 days back to back of sprint distance races. Nat came away with 2nd female overall, AG winner and almost identical splits on day 2 from day 1! Nat earned a mini break before we build up to Hervey Bay 100 in Nov.

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

A little warm up for next week…, well done Wendy on second place.

This week my athletes took part in three different races,
Beginning with Wendy (Casterton), she took 2nd overall female in a Sprint distance race at the GB as preparation race for the World Champs in Rotterdam next week. For Wendy, this is a great achievement , since just last year after a surgery on her back she could not even walk!

Another World Champs – well done Andreas.

In Chattanooga I had Andreas (Goros) who through his very difficult professional and family program had his 6th participation in a World Championship 70.3.

Wouter enjoying his first World Champs in Chattanooga.

In his first world championship, Wouter (Delbaer),who in a year has been transformed by a new triathlete who played the most in the races on a triathlete who knows well what he wants to get from each race!

Back-to-back wins for Michalis!

Finally in Cyprus again we have another race of the cycling cup where Michalis (Theocharous) was again the winner of his category M30! So this back to back wins show his great performance in second part of the season!
Congrats to all !!

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

A great Pro debut for Matt in Wales.

Matt Leeman for me this w/e had a breakthrough performance at Ironman Wales in his 1st Pro outing in the full distance. Crossing the line 5th isn’t a podium but it’s a great result for this young developing athlete, as he was up against a stacked field. Matt had a good race, he exited the water in 46.38 with Harry Wiltshire as 1/2 and then hit the bike out of T1 in 2nd , the weather in Wales was brutal but Matt put in a very good account coming into T2 6th, onto the run and Matt eventually moved up to 5th and held on to cross the line with a 3.08 Mara time, well done showing great progress all the time.

Also Fiona Davidson took on the brutal course for the 3rd time , previously coming 2nd and 3rd in her AG Fiona was looking for that prime spot to go to Kona. The weather on the day for every athlete was bad and some dealt with it and some didn’t, for Fiona it was a very tough day indeed not coping with the cold very well This year just missing out on the podium coming 4th well done Fiona.

Dimos proudly representing Cyprus at the World Champs in Chattanooga.

This w/e see Lou Oherlihy  Khadiga Amin and Dimos Papa race the World 70.3 Champs. Dimos was representing Cyprus for the very first time and was a massive step forward for his country. He raced well considering he came into this race with a bad infection, onwards we go well done

Khadiga again representing Egypt was and is a massive achievement and one that she carried out very well. She’s progressing all the time and finding out more and more about herself every time she puts herself on the line, very well done K.

“That’s me!”

Lou’s had a mixed season representing GB and she was coming into this comp with mixed fitness, only being with me a short time now showing signs of good progress and especially in this race we have taken a lot of positives so very well done I’m encouraged by the future.

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Qualification for Hawaii 2018! In Wales, Boris Hueber did the IM! His main goal was to secure a slot for Hawaii next year. Boris had an ok swim, and then a really good bike on a very, very tough course! And then he finished off with a solid run! It got a bit exciting towards the end but Boris did great job and fished 8th in his age group which meant a slot for Hawaii 2018! So happy for you, Boris!

Not for the fainthearted!

On Saturday, Victor Manrique did his last race of the year and what a race! Victor lives in Villars in Switzerland and decided to race close to home in Chamonix, France, doing the Evergreen- Endurance. Victor choose to do the distance 118, which meant 2 kms swim, 95 kms on the bike and then a half marathon. Unfortunately, the weather turned out to be very bad. The swim took place in lake Montriond and then the athletes ride to Chamonix.
It was a bit hectic with a mass start but once people started to spread out, Victor felt much better and he came out of the water feeling very good, despite the water being less than 16°. Victor felt good all along on the bike, except for on the very slippery down hills! he overtook a lot of people both on the uphills and on the flatter sections. The air temperature was below 10° for the whole ride and with rain and fog! Onto the run! If you can call it a run…Rather a fast hike in the rain, hail and temperatures dropping from 10° to below 0! And then hell started!
Victor felt really good coming out of transitions and was running well until he hit a trail that was more like a wall and it became impossible to run! So Victor started climbing instead! There were massive tree roots all over the path, also massive rocks and it was extremely slippery and lots of people used poles! Plus the visibility was almost zero! And then it started hailing big time, almost snowing… Victor somehow made it to the top and then back down again without knowing how!  He was very pleased once he finished and could get a hot shower! And very happy to make it back down in one peace! As Victor said: WOW!! that race was an experience. Definitely one to never forget. Not sure I would want to repeat it. Crazy stuff! When Victor later on checked the times, he realised that he was 3rd in his age group, with a time of just below 9 hours! What a day for Victor!

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

Vinny Vennes has got straight back into racing at a Championship race after a difficult achillies injury for the past 2 months.  But we kept Vinny fit on the swim and bike, and as the injury improved we built the running.  Vinny is still not super fit on the run, but still raced strong at 70.3 Championships with 5 hours 5 minutes.  Well done Vinny! I look forward to seeing the 2nd half of your season going from strength to strength.

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Mark gears up for another epic Ironman in Wales! Photo Credit: Getty Images via Ironman Wales Media

Mark Richardson raced in Ironman Wales, a tough course he knows from racing last year. The weather was again cool and wet (no surprises there) adding to an already tough course with hills, typically British narrow roads, and less than smooth road surface. Another sub hour swim for Mark keeps this as a standard of his races now. The bike again solid, although a granny gear for several of the 16% climbs would have been useful; but the choice of deep rear wheel instead of disk saving on the road vibration and fatigue. A best run of the season from Mark saw him cross the line in 7th place, and all round excellent performance. There were 6 Kona spots up for grabs, and all accepted, so no Kona spot for Mark this time around, however another super race and end of season result. Now for some well earned rest and relaxation, with some ‘unstructured training’.


You did it mate!.., well done Philippe 🙂

Philippe Blatter raced in the 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga, to round out another superb season. Congrats Philippe, and now for some rest and unstructured training, as we plan for 2018 🙂

Gisela Reichmuth traveled to Stockholm to run in the Half Marathon. A fun low key event, doubling up as a sightseeing and girls weekend trip away. Happy to say ‘all objectives’ were achieved 🙂

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Mirjam after her relay leg….’How’d that go mate?, let me get you a bucket….’

  • Mirjam Weerd raced at the Almere Sprint Relays with her team TTW Ladies. A good day all round with the team finishing up 4th, their best result of the season!
  • Tracey Horne jumped back on the horse for a local sprint event and enjoyed a good race.
  • Sandra Gisin ventured over to Stockholm with her good mate Gisela for a Half Marathon and splashed her way through the course on a wet day. Good job Sandra conquering the Half!


Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend.

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