The ‘Hell of the West’ lives up to its Name!

The ‘Hell of the West’ lives up to its Name!

Congratulations to Sarah, Australian Elite Long Course Champion after winning the Hell of the West in Goondiwindi in record time. Photo Credit: Delly Carr

Last weekend saw the 27th running of the iconic Aussie “Hell of the West” Goondiwindi Triathlon.

This year doubled as the Australian Long Course Championships. Sarah Crowley took the Pro Womens race by the scruff of the neck from the start and won comfortably winning the national title along with the course record by 10min.

“My improved swim, which saw me lead out of the water, meant I had to use new race tactics. I now need to get use to setting the pace and today was a great experience for me. Cam Watt (coach) has helped my swimming and this has made the race less stressful as I don’t have to chase anymore. I can control the effort from the start,‘’ 

(Sarah Crowley via


Katey showing her relaxed natural run form, finishing 2nd in the National Elite Long Course Champs.

Katey Gibb showed she is building nicely to finish 3rd overall with a solid run split, and 2nd place in the Australian Championships.

About to start the bike leg, unfortunately Hayley’s race was derailed by a virus. Recover quickly Hayley.

Hayley Stevenson’s race didn’t go to plan, ending up in the local hospital with an IV in her arm after succumbing to a virus. A great reminder to not ignore serious warning signs that your body is giving you, something as athletes we often aren’t great in doing…

Congrats Rachel – enjoying a great day out in Caloundra 🙂

Rachel Jones raced the Caloundra Sprint distance, a great stepping stone onto the upcoming Mooloolaba Olympic Distance and had a great race taking 2min off her swim, 4min off her bike and coming 6th her best result yet!!

Race Recap from Coach Mary Beth Ellis:

Emma starts her Tour Downunder with a solid 2nd place at the Hell of the West.

Emma Bilham had a great performance finishing 2nd in the Hell of the West. After a rough week of travel, jetlag, and heat adaption, Emma executed well across the swim, bike, and run picking up a nice paycheck in a tough training race on her path to Challenge Wanaka and Ironman New Zealand. Emma is just getting rolling and once this little speeding bullet gets flying she will be hard to stop.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

‘A little bit of self belief goes a long way’ – congrats Tash!

Amazing weekend for my athletes at the Australian Long Course Championships (Hell of the West); a champion, a runner up and a super mom all did me so so proud!

Tash who became a new mother last year, proved what can happen when you put your mind to something & never give up- regardless of fitness level! She showed how much of this sport is just so much in the mind and that is one strong mind she has! Tash contacted me last Nov that she was keen to do some tri’s again in 2017 and she was hoping for my help as I coached Tash a few years ago when I lived in Australia. I was pretty excited to help Tash get back into shape after a long hiatus from the sport.
She mentioned she wanted to do Hell of the West but I didn’t realize she had signed up until about 2 weeks out from the race! Tash’s training had been a bit patchy due to illness caught from her child & hubby in January and I wasn’t too keen on her racing as I felt she needed more time. Tash was pretty keen to race regardless of fitness so at that point it was my job to give her a plan to give her the best shot at getting to the finish line. We did things a bit different in race week, sort of just kept training and we really had nothing to taper from, an eating plan and super important race day plan based on her current fitness. I told Tash if she’s going to start she needs to finish what she starts, and in doing so the finish line will be amazingly rewarding first race post baby. No doubt the day would be a mental and physical battle but I reminded her that she gave birth and spent last year raising a baby so how hard could it be?
Well Tash made it too the finish line with a smile in the brutal conditions and I am so so proud of her! She proved so much on Sunday and I can’t wait to see her conquer more races this year, with some fitness!!!

A strong run by Nat in very hot conditions.

Nat Kerr also raced Goondiwindi on Sunday and had a fantastic race. Just like my other athletes racing I told Nat in hot conditions it was super important to be well fuelled going in so she was reminded of our 2 days out fuel up which she did. I was pretty excited and confident in Nat’s fitness as she has been working hard and consistently since we started together last June.
Nat had a fantastic swim, the bike of her life- clocking the fastest bike in her Age, only 10 min slower than top pro females and ran her way to 2nd place! Unfortunately a few mishaps cost her the title but I’m still super proud of her effort. Although she had a flat the year before she still went 42 min quicker and 32 of that came from the bike! The run was tough as it always is in that kind of heat but very pleased with her performance!

Ali took her biking to a new level and was crowned with a National Title 🙂 

Last but certainly not least Ali Maher!  After taking a nice little break after her debut in Kona placing 7th, Ali was keen to race again at Goondiwindi! We eased back in slowly and just focused on high quality sessions for the next few months and her new fitness and strength was showing big time in training. She was responding really well to the training again and I really wanted her to show her bike strength at the moment. So we came up with a race plan, much different  than the plans for her Ironmans and even worlds last year and she nailed it!
Ali had a great swim then absolutely nailed the bike, riding almost 10 minutes quicker than the year before clocking the fastest bike time in her age and top 5 bike split overall (including the professionals!) The run was tough but amazingly to have ridden so much quicker than last year and only managed 1 min slower on the run.
Ali was crowned the Australian Long Course Age Group Title, winning by 7 minutes! My main goal for Ali is always to keep her injury free while being able to show her fitness and I’m so pleased to say that with such a huge history of injuries we have kept her free from all since we started working together last May. I couldn’t be more proud of her and how hard she works in training day in and day out! Way to go champ!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Straight from cold winter to searing Aussie heat – Andrea tackles the Hell of the West in style.

Andrea Rudin arrived in Australia from Switzerland on Friday,  then spent all day in a car as we drove 500km to Goondiwindi for the annual Hell Of The West triathlon (that has a cult following with many athletes racing every year for 20+ years) – and 39C temperature that greeted us on arrival.  After a short nights sleep, a 4am loosen up swim started Sunday morning. The race started at 5am, and Andrea did super over the 2km swim in the river (water 30C), an 80km dead straight time trial on the bike and 20km run;  to finish 2nd in her category.  A unique way to start her Aussie summer training camp.

Curing jet-lag with a run-race. Congrats Chiin on another great run 🙂

Chiin Hooi-Tan had a similar race plan to Andrea, racing in her local 7.5km cross country race, after flying home to Denmark from a visit to Kuala Lumpur the day before! Feeling a little jet lagged, and adjusting to the difference in climate, she needed a good long warm up jog! but raced very well, with first female overall by 3 minutes and her age category by 4.5 minutes!

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

About to unleash on the bike and collecting the winners spoils. Great job Hawko (and Andrea Rudin 2nd!)

Well done to Claire Hawkins who tracked over from Perth to experience the iconic Aussie race held in Goondiwindi, Hell of the West! Well worth the trip finishing the race with a convincing win in her age group and collecting the National Title.

Finn was rewarded for his hard work; more to come…. 

Finn McDonald has been consistently ticking all the training boxes as he prepared for the Eagle Point Triathlon last weekend – the result – a resounding win leading from start to finish. Congratulations Finn 🙂

Race Recap from Coach Cali Amaral:

Local sprint podiums for Karina 3rd and Cassio 3rd also

Yesterday our team competed in the  1ª Stage of Copa do Interior that happened in São Pedro Town near of Bauru city. The distance was 750/20/5km with a very hard bike and run course. We took 6 triathletes with 4 of them finishing on the podium.
– Matheus Marini finished 4th overall and vice-champions in his category 20/24,
– Cassio Pegoraro 3rd place 35/39,
– Doc Joao Quialheiro 4th place 45/49,
– Karina Freitas who is training for Ironman Brazil this year finished in 3rd place 40/44,
– Daniel Pecoraro finished in 9th place and
– Doc Plinio Barros 11th place

More Podiums at the Copa Interior Triathlon – Matheus 2nd and Joao 4th!

Our next stop it will be in Santos next week 12/02, with our triathlete who will be racing at Ironman Brazil 2017, Patricia Barros. She will represent us the most traditional triathlon in Brazil, at the Triathlon Internacional de Santos.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.