The arrogance knows no bounds.

Not content to use their vast power to extort ever increasing amounts of money from their age-group ranks, ignore reasonable requests by women for equal representation and a fair race, and squeeze the pros to absolute breaking point – WTC yesterday unveiled their latest plan to try and monopolise the entire long distance coaching industry with a fake university and certification.

For $699 and 14 hours of online study you can now become a qualified ‘Ironman Coach’ with promised access to a service that will put novice coaches in contact with aspiring age group athletes, no doubt being similarly shaken down with exorbitant coaching fees. It’s an embarrassment and an affront to all serious coaches.

Ironman_UniversityScreen shot from taken the Ironman website.

This is not Ironman University. This is Ironman Preschool.

14 hours of online study does not make you a coach, and it sure as hell shouldn’t qualify you to take on athletes preparing for the biggest endurance test of their lives.

I’ve been criticised for speaking ‘out of my portfolio’ in critiquing WTC business practices in the past. Sometimes justly. However, the same cannot be applied here.

High performance coaching is very much our part of the jungle and if Ironman want to bring the fight to our doorstep then it’s a challenge the Coaching Team are up for.

Every member of our current team have over 10 years coaching experience in the sport, have trained multiple athletes to qualify for Kona and have spent a considerable time on deck coaching both elite and age group athletes before we let them near our online athletes.

It’s not 14 hours on a computer, but it works just fine for us. And as the most successful coaching team in the sport we’re happy to put our results up against Ironman University any day of the week.

Ironman outlined their coaching vision yesterday, so let me respond with ours.

It has been our goal to open up to the triathlon world training systems and thoughts, which have not been previously available in triathlon. To take what we do as the world’s most successful squad in private and throw it open to the public. This has seen our growing age group squad following the very same protocols that have led to over 30 World Championship wins with brilliant results.

Our objective when we started was to help anyone that has had to walk or suffer through an Ironman when they didn’t want to. Nothing in triathlon upsets us more than seeing good people heartbroken by having to rely on their courage to walk home and finish.

While finishing is a feat, we are performance coaches and don’t like seeing people defeated by a course. To the extent possible one must be in control of the distance and master it. Not be beaten by the race itself. We want to help as many people as we can say ‘I did it and I did it just like the pros. I was not here to participate, I was here to compete.’

We at compete against ourselves to be better today than we were yesterday. That is our mission, and it produces results in a way that Ironman University never will.

I encourage those genuinely interested in performance coaching to view our Online Coaching services here.


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