There will be over 200,000 people competing a WTC race in 2014 [1], that is Ironman and 70.30 only, not 5150 or the race festivals around the world that they have taken over like USM in Australia and all their non branded WTC events.

If we have 200,000 competitors at an approximate race entry fee of $500 (average of $700 for the Ironman and the $300 for 70.3), then WTC without our other affiliates will take $100 million in entry fees alone.

To be clear, this excludes all the other races
this excludes all race license payments
this excludes all sponsor payments
this excludes all merchandising sales

So not to make it sound so insane that people will stop reading, I won’t add those revenues in, so lets just take entry fees in the bigger part of their race schedule.

Their new increased prize pool ends up at 5% of not total business, but of race fees only.

Wow, how lucky are the pros, they have a 3.5 % increase, that means we have put back the money we took out when we went back to shrinking the rice pool in the first place.

In being so generous we have cut the amount of races that pros can make any money at.

We are making sure that there is no pathway for the development of athletes to be Ironman pros unless they are wealthy or have benefactors. By condensing the races, only the best guys will be there, so if you are 3rd at a low level race that in the past gave you some hope, now will mean a fantastic 13th at our new beefed up races and again no money.

So if we look at the whole speech, and think well that can’t get worse the pros now have had their real prize purse sink to about 2% of total revenue.

They finish it by making the worst situation in the sport at the moment, even worse.

The fact that pro women don’t have a fair race anymore, then what we intend to do because they are starting to make noise, is put the age group men closer to them, so the slower women swimmers will have a better chance against the real pro women.

Take that pro women who want to agitate.

I haven’t been saying anything that Mr. Messick didn’t. He was just more eloquent or deceiving in his delivery. Here are the facts. Believe them or not, but you got them.


[1] More than 200,000 registered athletes from 88 countries will have raced a WTC event 2014.

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