A three-peat for Diana Riesler at Ironman Malaysia. Photo Credit: AsiaTri.com

Despite a difficult season of bad luck and set-backs Diana won Ironman Malaysia this weekend. I’m very happy that she bounced back so strong and all the negative circumstances didn’t derail her. To put the negative experiences at Frankfurt and Vichy behind her, for the 5 weeks leading up to Ironman Malaysia I sent Diana to Thanyapura, Phuket, a fantastic training location, to focus on herself and get beck the fun back again of putting in all this hard work. Her preparation went really well. 5 weeks of hard, high volume training and she was going great in the pool, on the bike and on the track. I knew she would win. Fitness and self-belief were back. Only thing that could stop her was a mechnical issue. Swim went well, she was 3rd out of the water, only 60 secs back from the lead and 2 minutes ahead of her strongest competiors. All good, I thought, so went back to the hotel to do some work. However, I had a major heart attack when I looked for updates on the live ticker and it said “there is no sign of last year’s winner…“! No split times, just a few more posts, that she is not in the race any more. So I rented a scooter, hurried back to the race course, only to find her leading the race by 4 minutes already. The rest of the race was easy – at least she made it look easy. She kept increasing her lead by just maintaining her effort. No need to push. Great to see her winning. Third time in a row. What an achievement!

Shiao-Yu, Jo and Diana celebrating a successful Ironman Malaysia

Shiao-Yu Li did some of the preparation for IM Malaysia together with Diana in Thanyapura. She trained very well and it’s always astonishing, how much training she can absorb! However, somehow she managed to get hurt by her bike when packing it into her bike box for the travel. The scar was sewed with 3 stitches. That she still could do the race shows what a tough athlete she is. She finished 6th overall, taking home some well deserved prize money and Kona points.

Alicja Medak didn’t find it warm enough in Malaysia. She loves the heat and hoped for a really warm race. T2 was in an air-conditioned hall. And while all athletes enjoyed the cooling in there, Alicja ran quickly get out of the chilly hall into the sun agan. Alicja had a rough swim start, but still managed a really good swim split! Very happy with that! She pushed hard on the bike. First half of the marathon was super quick, 2nd half a bit slower, maybe due to a heavy thunderstorm which cooled down the air a lot and drowned everything in heavy rain. Alicja still finished Top-10 in her age group.

2nd place Podium for Sandra in her comeback race. Great work!

Also in Asia, Sandra Schöni races 70.3 Xiamen. After several months of injury and no running for a incredible long period of time, it was also a comeback-race for Sandra. She did exceptionally well, leading her age group for most of the race and only getting passed in the final kilometers of the half marathon to finish 2nd. Given the lack of running miles a fantastic podium in a very well organized race. Since her brave effort won Sandra the slot for the 70.3 champs in 2017. We have to work on the Kona slot now.

Race Recap from Coach Mary Beth Ellis:

Celebrations on the podium for Lisa in China

Very pleased by the effort of new Trisutto.com athlete Lisa Roberts to land on the podium in 70.3 Xiamen on a tough course against a strong field. After starting with the program post- Kona, Lisa is on a quick learning curve to finish off 2016 with Ironman WA and will be setting herself up for a stellar racing campaign in 2017.

Race Recap from Coach Cameron Watt:

More podium celebrations – this time for Katey in Shepparton, Victoria

Katey Gibb made the trek east to race Challenge Sheparton half Ironman over the weekend. The Victorian weather lived up to its reputation dishing up a very cold and windy race day. After a solid performance in all 3 legs Katey was 3rd, a nice check point along the way on our “hurry slowly” journey to increased performance level that we are working hard for.

Hayley Stevenson raced the Hervey Bay 100 long course and continued to make improvements in all 3 legs, although the run potential was limited to not taking on enough calories during the bike and will give us something to work on…It’s great to see this traditional Triathlon town continuing to put on races after a bit of a down period a few years ago… I raced Hervey Bay way back in 1994 as a kid with fond memories and remember it as being one of the great Olympic Distance races on the National Calendar which the honours roll is full of the generation best superstars. Very good news came in that Hayley’s goal Ironman Nice that she’d signed up for has now been confirmed as going ahead after the terrible Nice terror attacks

Race Recap from Coach Mat O’Halloran:

Ready to race! Jong racks his bike in Langkawi.

This past Saturday, on the Malay Island of Langkawi, known as Jewel of Kedah, top Filippino age grouper Felippe “Jong” Sajulga was competing in his final race of the season, which happened to be his 3rd IM distance in 5 months.

After a slow-ish non-wetsuit swim, Jong managed a solid bike and run combo, to finish 4th in the ever competitive 35-39 AG in a solid time of 9h57. Not great but not bad, Jong is content with completing 3 IM in a short period of time, all of which were within 8 minutes and his 2nd sub 10 of the season.

Super run by Jason in China. Photo Credit Natalie Law

Then the following day, Jason Wong of Hong Kong was in action at the inaugural Ironman 70.3 in Xiamen, China. After a swim hindered by wavy conditions, Jason managed a solid bike split and the 2nd fastest run in his AG, to sneak into the top 10 of the 40-44 group, in 8th place, with a time of 5h00, on a day and course that yielded very few PR’s.

He was close, but not close enough for a Kona slot, after struggling with illness at the end of September, thus missing IM Taiwan.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

craigCraig checking out the choppy start at the Hervey Bay 100 in Queensland, Australia

I had a few athletes racing over the last 2 weekends and all did fantastic.

Firstly I had Jacqui Saxton take on a 10 km which involved sideways rain hail and 5 degree temps. This race last Sunday’s was approximately a year after a full ACL reconstruction. Jacqui amazingly ran the 10 km with over 110m of ascent managing the same average pace as a 10 km she did just a few months before. This is HUGE progress for Jacqui and even more amazing she pulled up with zero soreness! We are certainly on our way Jacqui!

Over on the other side of the world in Australia I had 2 athletes racing Hervey Bay 100 which is a 2 km swim, 80 km bike, 18 km run.

First was Natalie Kerr who came out of the water 3rd in her AG and by the end of the first lap on the bike she had moved to 1st. By the time she got off the bike she had almost a 7 min lead to 2nd. She smashed the bike only a few minutes slower than the fastest female pros there. Nat’s strength was never her bike but it appears to be now after 5 months on the Trisutto methods! Despite struggling a bit on the run she still managed to broaden her lead, even with walking though and cooling off in all the aid stations. So at the finish Nat won her Age by 9 minutes and came in as the 3rd fastest Age Grouper. I believe the best is yet to come for someone who DOESN’T do the big volumes that others would have to, to get these results- well done Nat!

Last but not least is super Ag’er Craig Mcguigan. It all started well with an annihilation of the whole field after the swim but unfortunately 50 km into the bike Craig had 3 flats which moved him from 1st to 55th! Most would have quit after the 2 let alone the 3rd but Craig is not a quitter.

Race report Hervey Bay from Craig: –
“Fastest swim by five minutes in age group
1st age grouper on road by end of lap one
Walk 55 mins to mechanical after three punctures
Ride next 50k at ballistic speed having gone from first to 55st.
Run the fastest I’ve ever run in a race to come 20th
Guess that answers my question Michelle Barnes  got a shed load out of the machine.
You know still beats mowing the lawn”

Minus the punctures Craig showed super form and we did our best to recover from Kona then get the best out of him just 4 weeks after. Can’t wait to see where we can take him next year. Big gears are working:-)

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Phillipe leading by example! All smiles at the finish line.

Philippe Blatter, finished his 2016 race season at 70.3 Xiamen in China.  The second of the two new Chinese 70.3 races did not disappoint, and was another opportunity to celebrate a healthy and fit lifestyle (fit for business and life), racing alongside friend and colleague Andrew Messick.  Well done Philippe and Andrew, looking forward to more fun times in 2017 🙂

Andrea Rudin raced at the Langenthal 6 1/4 km road race on Saturday.   With the race held in the late afternoon, it was a super opportunity to include this as the 3rd workout of the day as part of a KENYAN DAY, which is one of our favourite ways to break a long run into shorter quality runs, while also covering some distance.

The day started with an early ‘wake up’ easy run before breakie,  a mid-day Fartlek run, then the race in the late afternoon. The result, a 1st place for Andrea in her category and pace faster than her secret goal race pace for this event – super! To round out the day, once again a short easy ride on the turbo at home after the race – dinner of Champions 😉

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

The sought after recovery drink awaits at Challenge Shepparton

Claire Hawkins has overcome a swag of obstacles this past month on route to racing at Challenge Shepparton. Making the trip from Perth to Country Victoria, she persevered through a tough day to finish with a category win. Whilst the windy conditions played to Claire’s strengths on the bike, the cold air did not, with a suspect calf blowing halfway through the run. Claire was able to improvise, and battled on to the finish line where she enjoyed the post race celebratory (albeit ‘cold’) drink in the freezing conditions! Well done Claire 🙂

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Good Times For Jane in Nevis

Jane Hansom took time out from her work in Nevis to put on her lycra and decimate the field in the island’s triathlon. Taking out not just the women but most of the men. Well done.

Very pleased to report that Corinne Abraham has once again fought back from a serious injury to win the Miami Man Half. This race will build her confidence to go to Cozumel and defend her title. Great work showing where persistence is rewarded.

Finally, Rafal Medak couldn’t help but go and experience Ironman Malaysia after being warned that the Malaysian heat makes Kona look like a Sunday picnic! A unique experience and look forward to Rafa’s blog on his Malaysia travels.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend.

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