Huge Congratulations Sarah!  – winning her first major 70.3 title this weekend in Bahrain. Photo Credit: Delly Carr

Sarah Crowley took out the Bahrain 70.3 Middle East Championship race, her 5th win and 8th podium for the 2016 season but by far her biggest win to date confirming her descision to step away from full-time work 9 months ago and pursue her triathlon career was the right one!!

After her Kona debut, I put the question to Sarah in our Trisutto Blog:
This last 6 months has given Sarah an oppotunity to have a taste of what being a real Pro is about and can now head home to answer the questions, do I want to stick with this, as with more work the ability is certainly there to push for top 10 in future here, or do we pick the “low lying fruit” that is the seemingly dozens of Half Ironmans around the Asia Pacific region and leave Hawaii as a holiday destination.

Sarah answered “I want to do what ever it takes to be the real deal”
Coach shot back instantly with “get to Bahrain & you show them you’re coming at ‘em, and coming at ‘em hard!!!”…

It may seem like we have a production line set up of champion female athletes, they all have come from different backgrounds and circumstances, have different strengths and weaknesses but one thing they ALL, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM have in common is, they had the enourmous courage to pick and stick, cut out the distractions, the sometimes well meaning folk with different advice and they’ve committed to our methods and program 100%.

Our methods and techniques are all pieces to an overall puzzle and while the “self proclaimed” experts and keyboard warriors love to at times negatively critique single parts of our program, they are time and time again left to scratch their head when all of the pieces fall in place once put together….

Sarah’s win is reward and represents her commitment and trust to making some radical changes to her techniques and to our program… Well done!!!!

Trisutto want to say a big congratulations to Sarah Crowley taking out the Middle East Championship. This year Sarah was our first pro athlete to join the Trisutto pro group in Australia under Coach Cam Watt. His immediate success at international level shows that he has a great future as a professional triathlon coach after a distinguished career as a Director Sportif in international cycling.

First time podium for Hayley (right) at Raby Bay Sprint Tri in Queensland

Hayley Stevenson stepped down a distance or two on the weekend to race the pre holiday season Raby Bay Sprint Distance, and holiday she does deserve after putting herself on the podium for the first time ever!! Hayley had some extra motivation this weekend, as she’d put up the challenge to athletes in her club, for every one that beat her, drinks would be on her at there club Xmas party. We spiked the training leading into it in what we termed “operation protect credit card” and happy to say that we limited the losses

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Well done Rei – o grande campeão da Final de Santo!

This weekend saw Reinaldo Colucci of Brazil finish his season with another great performance in extreme heat to win the final race of the Troféu Brasil de Triathlon. The momentum builds as we look to power on to the half and full distances in 2017.

An impressive show of speed by Julie Derron at the Silvesterlauf saw her finish on the top step of the podium.

Julie and Michelle Derron lined up for the end of year Zurich fun run. Julie surprised all by showing her winter run stimulus program is having big positive effects running away in the last 5km of the 9.7km for a very deserved win. Michelle is working her way back into run form with her 3rd run in a month.

Very happy to see Mariana back running again in Sion – we build from here.

It was pleasing to see Mariana Solorzano also have a good comeback 5km run race in Sion off very limited run training, giving us the green light to build her run again.

A training run for Emma, finishing with a second place in the 10k
Photo Credit: James Mitchell Photography (top) and Marcos Cabrera (bottom)

Emma Bilham raced a 10km run in sunny Lanzarote. Emma’s performance was wonderful as she was only asked to run to the start of the race.

Matty Trautman had his Bahrain performance voided for taking the wrong turn and adding 4km to his ride.

Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler:

Fastest bike split of the day for Diana in Bahrain. Photo Credit: Darren Wheeler

The year is coming to an end and before the festive season five of my athletes were keen to race the Middle East IM 70.3 Championship in Bahrain.

Diana Riesler and Jenny Schulz were facing a very strong women’s Pro field  and both showed a very strong performance. Diana came out of the warter just 40 secs behind the big leading group. She very quickly made her way through the field on the bike and after 30kms she took the lead which she didn’t give away until km 3 on the run. With the fastest bike split of the day and a tough fight on the run she claimed 5th place just 4 weeks after her win at IM Malaysia. Very happy for her because she didn’t want to come to Bahrain at all, but as her coach I insisted as a knew she would do well. Jenny struggled a bit in the choppy sea and lost a few minutes to the leading ladies. But this didn’t bother her and pushed the bike hard all on her own and hammered the run with the 3rd fastest run split of the day, giving her the unlucky 11th place (with the prize money was paid up to 10th).

First Age Group Finisher and World Championship Qualifier – Congratulations Sabrina!

My Age Group athletes also performed well in Bahrain. Sabrina Stadelmann had a super race in all 3 disciplines. After a few weeks with almost no running due by an injury, she was not sure if she really could do well. Earlier this year, Sabrina had won her AG at IM 70.3 Vichy and IM 70.3 Lanzarote but didn’t take the slot for the World Champs. Beside all the physical and mental stress she put the best out of her body and won not only her Age Group, but the overall female Age Group race as well. Now she really deserves her slot for 2017 and can enjoy X-Mas.

A new PB for Eb and a first ever World Champs Qualifier from Qatar!

Ebrahim Alromaihi is a rising athlete from Qatar who joined me just one year ago. He developed quickly into a fighter and every time I saw him I was surprised how well he has progressed. He is very desperate. At 70.3 in Bahrain he again showed his improved abilities on swim and bike. A new PB put him 7th in his Age Group. While normally only 4 slots are given away to his AG we didn’t count on a qualifying slot at all. But as always you need a good performance paired with a little bit of luck. I’m very proud to coach the first ever athlete from Qatar to qualify for IM 70.3 World Champs!

An improved Bike Position made all the difference for Naz!

Nasser Almohannadi is a close training buddy of Ebrahim and only signed up for the race to support him. As he didn’t feel good on his bike, we decided to fix his bike position only 2 days before the race. We switched the saddle and adjusted quite a few things. I was sure that it would suit him much better. And Naz proved me right; when he finished the bike leg he didn’t want to get off his bike because it was so comfortable. Plus he did a new personal best on both single bike split and overall half-distance time. Congrats aon a fantastic race and was great to catch up!

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

Lanzarote marathon weekend – race distances for everyone! Photo Credit: James Mitchell Photography

Here on Lanzarote we were spoilt with 2 days of great running races by Lanzarote Marathon.  Kids races on Friday night where I had 25 kids racing. All excited and motivated to race.  Some kids doing their first ever race, some in a position to fight for a podium spot.  All looked strong and happy out there racing.

– Mia Leadbeater looked stunning and won her category on Friday then went onto win the senior 5km on Saturday.
– Marcos night won his category on Friday night.
– Jorge Wilkes was 2nd in his category on Friday and ran 17.30 at the 5km on Saturday!
– Leila and Anne were both 2nd in their categories.
– On Saturday Lucy Biddlestone was running the marathon and was eager to see what she could do, She ran 3.0, it was a tough   21km on the way home into the wind but she held it together well.
– Claire Leadbeater ran a great 10km, going from non runner to runner in the past 2 years! Congratulations Claire!
– Gemma Haywood ran a pb for 10km even when not feeling 100%.

A wonderful weekend of racing in Lanzarote. Congratulations to all the runners. 
Photo Credit: James Mitchell Photography

Overall it was a very special 2 days of racing, the weather was perfect and warm.  The organisation brilliant and the atmosphere buzzing.

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Melanie rounds out her trip Downunder with a 3rd place at the local Tri series sprint in Perth.

Another podium for Melanie! Just one week ago, I had Melanie Baumann racing the full IM in Western Australia where she came 2nd in her age group (35-39). Only a few days later, she asked me:
“Coach, would it be ok for me to do a little sprint race, this weekend?”
I said: “Yes, off course, but expect to have sore legs!”

So Melanie raced again and got another last podium for this year! She came 3rd in her age group, in the local sprint races series Race 1, in Perth. She swam the 750m in 15:46, she biked the 20km in 33:49 and ran the 5km in a very solid 21:08! Well done Melanie, keep it up for 2017! Now it’s time for party!

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

David at his first marathon

This weekend I had two athletes running a marathon, the Reggio Emilia maratona in Italy. Emanuele Mutti, after completing the Firenze marathon 2 weeks ago in 3:07.26 produced another very solid result: 3:08.35! Emanuele will prepare for his first Ironman in 2017, so we integrated this marathon series in his preparation. Well done Emanuele, now a little x-mas holiday and than back to full focus on the new season.

David Galafassi also ran the Reggio Emilia marathon and for him it was the first attempt over this distance. David was very constant until 30km, than the lack of experience settled in a bit, but he hold it together to finish in 3:58.56. David will also step up longer triathlon distances in 2017 and compete in his first full Ironman. Good job David!

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Wonderful to see Mirjam back after a break, enjoying an off-road tri in Curaçao. Photo Credit: Jacinto de Jesus

Mirjam Weerd tested the waters out at the Porto Mari Off road triathlon this weekend and she liked what she saw (despite a few cactus thorns in her rear end!) Nothing like a little race to stoke the fire!

Fast running = big post race smiles! Julie, Nina and Michelle Derron after the Silvesterlauf in Zurich

Nina Derron consistently ticks all the training boxes, week in, week out. It is encouraging to see the hard work paying off…, this week at the Silvesterlauf in Zurich where Nina finished strongly for 4th female and 2nd in her category on the 4 loop 9.7k run course.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

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