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You must be willing to lose to win…

There’s been a lot written recently about Gill Fullen’s battle with Cancer, her comeback and most recently her victory at Outlaw Half by various media. Therefore, I felt it’s only right that as her Coach I now should write down my own thoughts. Gill’s journey is one...

Key Performance Tools: The Turbo

The terribly sad events of the past days are once again a reminder of the ever increasing dangers when training on public roads. It is worth reminding ourselves that the single most efficient and result producing tool for triathlon cycling improvement is the turbo...

On fire in Lanzarote!

A super marathon by Corinne, running herself into second place at IM Lanzarote. Photo Credit: James Mitchell Photography So pleased to witness the re-emurgence of Corinne Abraham with a slashing run over the difficult course of IM Lanzarote. With Corinne gaining...

Overcoming Adversity

Congratulations Steve, an inspiration to so many people. Photo Credit: James Mitchell Photography This weekend saw Stephen Bayliss racing his last Ironman at IM Lanzarote, his home race. Stephen picked up an injury last month that had restricted his training to hard...

Forgive a Horse a Bad Run

Have a bad race? Jump straight back in the saddle and carry on. From time to time athletes will have what they perceive as a bad performance. This can lead to a grasping at thin air, trying to decipher, or come up with a reason for what is or was a possible cause. As...

Hold The Line

Total Body Force techniques are taught at Trisutto Camps worldwide. During our age group training camps we have seen athletes make incredible improvements in their triathlon swim using our TBF (Total Body Force) techniques. We have also found many athletes returned to...

Back to the Future

Congratulations James on a record breaking win at the Sun City Ultra in South Africa. The boys are back in town! It gave me great pleasure to see Reinaldo Colucci climb back after a federation debacle, to show who was Brazil's best hope at the 2016 Olympics. On...

Persevering through Tough Times

Embracing the battle; a rewarding weekend for Jane at the World Masters Games. Jane Loughnan enjoyed a fabulous weekend of sport and camaraderie at the World Masters Games in Auckland. Representing her country New Zealand, Jane completed a double header, firstly...

You Start. You Finish.

Don't let the numbers determine the success of a workout! Trisutto Campers training in Mallorca. What is an awful workout?  How do we categorise a good or bad workout?  Is it a great workout when we hit certain times after we have had 3 days of rest to get ready? Is...

Going the Distance

Jane on her way to a convincing category victory at Challenge Gran Canaria. Photo Credit: James Mitchell Photography A mixed bag of results for my crew this week: Jane Hansom had a solid return to racing after an interrupted pre season. Well done to her on her...

The Art of the Taper

Ready for action. Trackside at our Malaysian training base in Iskander Puteri.  As athletes prepare for their key races, thoughts turn to tapering. What, when and how? Tapers are an individual thing, however one can be guided by the general principle that triathlon of...

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