TriCozumel boys training at night. Getting plenty of support from the girls.

For some of our junior athletes this year there was no time for holidays because our goals for 2015 were scheduled early on in the season. The “Estatal” or State Championships in Cancun on the 23rd of January and the first major Triathlon and Aquathlon Championships on the 1st of February in Merida. Unfortunately, just two weeks ago the Estatal event was postponed by over one month. To take advantage of the training preparation already done, TriCozumel athlete Alan went to do the Elite Nationals Trials in Veracruz instead. He performed well against the older athletes and improved his PR by 25 seconds in the 5K to finish in 15:30.6. In the end he was only 0.7 seconds over the time he needs to represent Mexico internationally at the elite level.

Even though he didn’t make the time, we are proud of his hard work and we know that he has a big future competing as an Elite on the national calendar this year.

Andres CoachingOn deck at the pool doing some turbo training. Coach Sutton will be proud.

We will continue our preparation for the Estatal to qualify to the Olimpiada Nacional (National Olympics) where we hope to qualify even more athletes than last year. With the majority of our team only starting in the program in the summer of 2013, with many who did not even know how to swim at that time, that we now have so many who are ready to represent the State in triathlon is a major achievement. Well done team.

All the best to the squad in 2015 and best mechanical luck to Alvaro, Cesar and Alan competing at the Merida Triathlon this Sunday.

TriCozumel NewsCozumel athlete Alan Michell Carrillo in the news.

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