Alan and Cesar take first and second place in Cozumel’s duathlon.

Last week we had all kinds of competitions on the island:

First was the Cozumel Swimming Cup for kids and adults. For many of our younger athletes this was their first time in that kind of competition, so as a coach it was my responsibility to give them some confidence and push them a little bit to follow instructions and face their fears.

It was a great event with people coming from Cancun and Chetumal to socialize and see the progress of our TriCozumel and Tres Hermanos kids programs. Leading the way with many first places was Juan Diego, who to be fair has been swimming all his life but has found a great environment in our team to keep going. For Alan and Cesar it was an opportunity to see some swim improvements, especially in the long races where they could set a point of comparison and see their progress after working the whole year with me. Diego, who also was a swimmer before, was as happy to compete again as our first timers: Alvaro and Julio, who just a year ago didn’t know how to swim and now are really close to qualifying for next year’s Olimpiada Nacional with Diego, Alan and Cesar. So it was a great job by our future swim stars.

Andres8Taking first place. Junior athletes supporting their team-mates. Providing some on course encouragement.

On the weekend we also had a local duathlon with Alan placing first, even after dealing with an accident on the bike, and Cesar coming in a close second overall. Also there was a relay event where about 15 kids from the program were racing and all did really well.

Not included in the TriCozumel program but also under my coaching squad is Juan Sebastian Rubio from Colombia, who was racing during the week in the Juegos Bolivarianos where he got a Bronze medal in the sprint race and two silvers on the mixed and men’s relay.

Following with the results from my online athletes congratulations to Hugo for his first place at a local 10km. And I know this blog entry is late, but I want to congratulate Fernando, Fabio, Javier, Jorge and Danilo for finishing their first Ironman two weeks ago, it was a great experience to lead them during the process. Well done team.

So it as been a couple of good races and to close this year we have a 5km race and we hope the kids will be fast so everybody can eat a turkey for the holidays (the prize at the 5km Habanero is 100 turkeys!)

Andres10Juan Rubio wearing his medal with pride. The squad. Getting back into training after the races.


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