Joining the squad for a race weekend in Locarno.

Over the coming months our trisutto coaches aim to introduce some of our non professional athletes. Those hard training athletes, with work and families, but who love the sport of triathlon, and want to be the best that they can be given their abilities, and other commitments in their lives.

I’d like to introduce our first athlete Steve Pressman. Brett and I first met Steve when he attended training camp in Cozumel in 2013. Here is an intelligent business man, with a strong history in triathlon, but had been struggling to find a solution to an injury that was holding him back from achieving his goals, and was becoming a major source of frustration.

During his week at camp, Steve had the foresight to ask Brett if he would coach him. After 3 attempts to persuade Brett this was a great idea, this was the catalyst for online coaching. Subsequently Steve became our first online athlete, training at home in Santa Monica, California via correspondence, and attending training camps in Cozumel and St Moritz, 2 or 3 times each year as his busy schedule allows.

There is no sugar coating though. Steve receives the same tough love as our other pro’s when he attends camp – and has become a much respected member of the squad.

A swim lobotomy, a change in how he rides, and a total rebuild of his run were all challenges Steve has met head on, and to his credit has embraced. It has required patience, dedication and belief in the plan, but the Steve who attended Cozumel training camp last week is a different athlete from the one last year.

Steve_Pressman2Back up and running. Joining the girls for a training ride.

Well done Steve, and keep up the great work.


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