Nicola Spirig and Jane Fardell warming up for the Zurich Marathon. Photo: Chris Godfrey.

It seems funny to be writing a press release announcing our ‘new’ working relationship with the Swiss manufacturer of On shoes.

Why? Because it has now been over 5-years that I have worked with the team at On, starting officially when they first signed with TeamTBB and more recently sponsoring the Olympic Champion Nicola Spirig for the last two.

During this time I have seen the company’s rise and rise into the big time of athletic shoe manufacturers.

However, for me the On story goes back much farther as the co-founder of On shoes is none other than the 8 times winner of the Powerman Zofingen and Swiss Ironman legend, Olivier Bernhard.

Innovative performance shoe.

Apart from his great racing exploits, early on after his retirement he caught my eye with a developing shoe I had seen at the Ironman Zurich expo. It intrigued me at first and after studying it for an hour at the booth had me admonishing myself for ‘why didn’t I think of that!?’.

The uniqueness of this shoe design has morphed into the On brand and Cloud technology called CloudTec® we see on the shoe today.

So I find it ironic at Camps that I’m asked about why I’m now involved with this upcoming brand On? I feel as if I’ve watched the shoe grow from its very inception.

My support of the shoe and concept is easy to explain.

I think they help athletes and are superior to normal running shoes in three areas:

1) As a performance shoe I believe it’s faster. The CloudTec® concept and the transfer of kinetic energy is just superior to normal shoes.

2) They have a remedial impact second to no other brand. It has been my personal experience to deal with ex-athletes who have stopped running from knee, ankle and lower back pain. I have guided them into the shoes saying “Give them a try and if I’m wrong what do you have to lose?” To see so many of these guys not only actually running again, but enjoying running pain free is a personal achievement for me.

3) The everyday walking sneaker is so comfortable, it’s like walking on air. As the squad will testify (and to the relief of many) it’s the only shoe that’s been able to get me out of wearing ugg boots trackside.

On Shoes

So yes, and On are the perfect fit.

And when one turns up at Camp and sees Nicola Spirig, Mary Beth Ellis, Ritchie Nicholls, Jane Fardell and many of our development squad running around in On’s you now know why. Within our training group we see every day the benefits of running on clouds.

To view the range of Shoes available with On click here.

Race Recap - HoTPractice what we preach. On shoes being worn by the squad.

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