Today marks just over a week since launched a whole new direction in both form and content. While we hoped to keep the initial change low-key to iron out any start-up kinks, the response thus far has truly been overwhelming and I’d like to thank everyone who has visited the new site for their encouragement and kind words.

So this morning we make it official, is formally relaunched.

I’m really excited about the impact we’re going to have on the sport this year. Both in terms of our team’s success – with the reigning Olympic Champ, current 70.3 World Champ and a squad of heavy hitters on the roster 2014/15 is set to be another big year and I encourage you to follow their trials and tribulations as they make their way as professional athletes. But also in changing the sport in a positive way and keeping the powers that be loyal to the values that triathlon embraced at its inception.

We want to be not only a website, but a home for like-minded people who want to improve their lifestyle through exercise. Speed or time to train is not a factor. Whether you’re a budding pro or a fired up age-grouper we will show you how to improve your performance by adhering to the Sutto principles of training, which have consistently produced champions over the 25 years of my triathlon coaching career. We will also show how with a little professional expertise we can get people off the couch and change people’s lives and perceptions for the better.

For those concerned that this marks the end of my criticism of the WTC, or any other bodies intent on moving our pros from the endangered species to extinction list – rest easy. My commentary and unvarnished criticism about the state of triathlon stays the same, but from here on in will be delivered in a sharper, more disciplined and focused way for maximum impact. I’ve heard the criticism and the new site represents the doc taking some of his own medicine and cleaning up his act.

In doing so I believe we can achieve something truly great in our sport – and those who doubt it underestimate us at their own peril. I have coached many athletes who can now call themselves World Champions after other so-called ‘tri-experts’ had laughed at their dreams. We changed their mindset, their coaching and direction, told them “Mt Everest is high, but others have climbed it so why can’t you?” and turned them into gold medallists. Consider that the position is taking now.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the new site. Over the coming months we’ll have plenty of updates and race reports, in addition to special offers and details about my training plans, online coaching and camps. So ‘like’ us, tweet us and generally share if you’re keen to shake up this sport for the better. If nothing else I hope the site provides participants of all levels some constructive information that enhances your athletic experience.

Wishing you safe training.

The Doc

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