Some of our happy, motivated TriActiv Lanzarote kids! The facilities are perfect here at Sands Beach Resort.

When I retired from full-time training and racing, I was sure my future would be in coaching, but looking back I didn’t realise that I’d get so busy and be so fulfilled by it!

With such a great role model, coach Brett Sutton, I knew exactly how I wanted my athletes to train.

With total support from Sands Beach Resort on Lanzarote and I have been in a great position to take off.

I am now working with people of all ages, shapes and sizes, who love the great sport of triathlon. With their enthusiasm and determination, and my experience and dedication to help them, I already have had great success with my adults and kids. I can only see my people getting fitter, faster and stronger so more success to come.


Bella Athletes

Left to right: Dean Edwards qualifying for his first IM World Champs @ IM UK in July. Michi Herlbauer, 5th on debut @ IM Austria. Tom Casey, a man who was overweight to a man that can’t stop training and racing. Dave Moody, 4x iron distance finisher 2014. Andy Hamilton, from injury and surgery to a 30 minute pb in 1 year. Simon Leadbeater, just completed his first IM70.3 Lanzarote.

Here at Sands Beach we have created a triathlon Team for kids and adults. 3 times a week I have 20 kids come for swim, bike and run training. With the help of my 3 assistant coaches, Esther Rodrigez, Stephen and Charlie (Charlie at 3 years-old, knows every single child’s name and can tell me if they should be going faster or not!) I make the kids work hard but they like the challenges, and we keep it fun too! They are all getting stronger and learning to be smart and controlled. At Sands Beach Resort we have the perfect facilities, I have travelled the world with triathlon but I think right here is triathlon paradise with the 25m pool, and access to great places for running and riding.

For the kids we have dirt tracks with very few cars, perfect for the kids training.

For the adults I have 6 sessions a week on offer, 2 swims, 2 bike sessions and 2 run sessions available for TriActiv members and hotel guests. Simple and smart work to get them fit and strong for their races.


Bella TrainingTraining by the pool. Stephen and Jack Wilkes. Our 14-16 year-olds! Alejandro Toledo Vinoly, Georgia Abbott and Bradley Ibrahim.

I also have my online athletes, who are from all over! Lanzarote, England, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, USA and Switzerland, and are always welcome to come out to Sands Beach for some warm weather training when it is getting cold in the rest of Europe.

Thank you John Beckley from Sands Beach Resort for the photos.

Bella_Team_PhotoKids Team TriActive Lanzarote.


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