This year’s results as a coach could not have been better in the Ironman 70.3 Cozumel. After two seasons using Brett Sutton´s system and ‘hurrying slowly’ the improvement has been visible with John Flynn repeating his podium from last year in the 55-59 years category and Luis Alcerreca in 8th position in the 45-49 category, both with their best times over this distance. During the year both have struggled at times with health issues and time schedules that restricted their preparation, but still they put in these two excellent results. Plus the performance from Carmen Joaquín with her first half marathon as part of the relay category, in the hard conditions of heat and humidity she didn’t stop even though she had to run under the midday sun. For the very first time she could be part of the sports festival on her beloved island and this time as a competitor and not just as a spectator.

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Adding the results is Alan Carrillo, a local kid who is part of the social program for the Fundación Tres Hermanos and TriCozumel team, who was the best local, the best in his category and 17th place overall, including professionals in his first participation in a Half Ironman. With his results he has qualified to the 70.3 World Championship in Austria next year.

Also as part of this program, César López finished 6th in his age group. He is just 18 years old and only started in this sport just two years ago, but is showing that hard work and discipline is the only way to achieve goals and dreams and carrying DOVE message to other people in Mexico: I Say No to Drugs, Obesity and Violence through Education and Sport.

It is such a pleasure to have all of them on my squad, their hard work and passion pushed them to the finish line.

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