DOVE has funded the Cozumel, Leysin, and upcoming St Moritz ‘Top of The World’ kids and adults triathlons.
The Leysin and St Moritz kids races being rounds 2 and 3 of the 5 race ‘Nicola Spirig Kids Cup’ series.

Highlights to date:

Saturday May 10th, Cozumel kids with disabilities race
Triathlete Magazine tweeted this – please click to see the photo

and wrote this:
One of the most incredible things we’ve seen in triathlon:
As part of coach Brett Sutton’s DOVE project and the Taste of Cozumel, this boy (Patricio) took part in the kids aquathlon last Saturday. Although he is normally in a wheelchair, he told his assistants–pro athletes Reinaldo Colucci and 2012 gold medalist Nicola Spirig–that he wanted to show everyone he was “normal” and get to the finish line on his legs. A crowd surrounded him to cheer him on as he crossed with massive smile on his face. #triathlon

Sunday May 11th Dove adult race
Some photo’s here…062824748&type=1

Video of the awards with random draw money for age groupers. This was a race that cost $65 USD to enter but gave away $5000 in random draw money. A fun race that locals who struggles to find $750 for Ironman can enjoy. If you think they don’t get excited about prize money scroll ahead to 10:50 into the prize giving for the $1000 dollar draw 🙂

Video of Brett’s short thank-you speech at the awards…hp?v=296453123851408

June 7th Leysin DOVE race that also doubled as the second round of the Nicola Spirig kids cup

Photos on the Leysin Tourism website here…stival/NSF-diaporama

8th June – Facebook update
just a sensational day in leysin for the first nicola spirig festival , all boxes ticked , it was a great old time experience , back to the future , people shared a passion for not how fast they went but but what they do with the hobby they embrace .
thank you to all the volunteers who helped make it a memorable day
the doc

Upcoming races are:

19th July, round 3 of the Nicola Spirig Kids Cup in St Moritz
20th July, St Moritz ‘Top of The World Triathlon’ age group race…ities/triathlon.html

10th August – race to being announced soon.
31 August – race 4 in the Nicola Spirig Kids Cup in Vevey.
6 September – race 5 in the Nicola Spirig kids Cup in Locarno

If you would like to run your own DOVE race, whether a small club race, or larger please send me a PM.


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