Coach Cam Watt with Jack Bobridge ahead of his One Hour World Record attempt. (51.3km)

We here at Trisutto like to keep it real with our training information. Not just from me, but in developing a network of coaches who have extraordinary expertise and personal experience in their own right.

In recent weeks we’ve had the opportunity to demonstrate this on the bike. In my opinion Jo Spindler is the best bike fitter in the business with a knowledge equal to any. As such, I trust him to be the fitter not just for our age group team, but my professional squad. Unlike others, Jo combines total grasp of theoretical concepts with practical coaching experience with his own group of professional Ironman winners. Similarly, many of those who have written in about bike concepts and equipment will be familiar with the ‘ask Robbie’ response. Robbie Haywood gives advice on all things I loathe and don’t care about with bikes. His equipment knowledge is second to none and I can trust his judgement totally. Often what I suspect will be ‘right’ on instinct, Robbie (with an honours degree in Applied Mathematics) will have backed with paper and numbers.

It is on this theme that I’m very excited and pleased the newest coach to our Trisutto coaching roster.

Cam_WelcomeCam Watt will return to triathlon from cycling as Head Australian Coach for

Camerom Watt, the current Manager and Director Sportif for highly successful UCI Team Budget Forklifts has ‎agreed to leave a very distinguished record in cycling to rejoin his old coach and become the Trisutto Head Coach for Triathlon in Australia.

It’s time our Australian followers had the opportunity to rejoin an Australian coach of excellence and one committed to building a high performance program so desperately needed in Australia.

Australia is where we first started in triathlon over 25 years ago and where our dominance was first felt. So our choice of coach Cam Watt both is fitting and very important in terms of legacy. As an athlete Cam was also part of many of my first teams and groups that travelled to Europe to take on the world’s best.

Not only will Cam build his own squad of elite triathletes but he will provide age group camps and online coaching in Queensland. Cam will also add to our expertise on the website as a coach who has trained champion cyclists in disciplines from track time-trials to criterions and catering for long touring events.

I look forward to Cam explaining his role in applying training philosophies across disciplines in cycling, why it works and why continues to do so. We welcome Cam to our team. It is another step in the evolution of Trisutto ensuring that we provide athletes of all abilities the very best service in triathlon.

View Coach Cam’s profile here. triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

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