We are very pleased to announce the addition of three dedicated career coaches to our Coaching Team. They bring a variety of real world experience, while being skilled in Trisutto.com training methodology.

Vassilis Krommidas 

Vassilis Krommidas is a two-time Olympic athlete, Olympic coach and the former Head National Coach of Greek and Cyprus Triathlon federations. He is also a former Hawaii Age Group World Champion, holding the Kona M18-24 course record for 21 years. Since retiring as an athlete, Vassilis has dedicated himself to coaching athletes of all levels – from Olympians to beginners and with his extensive coaching résumé and experience (including 70 national titles) we are delighted to welcome a coach of Vassilis calibre to the Trisutto Team. Vassilis’ home base is in Athens, Greece.

It has been a privilege to become part of the triathlon’s leading coaching team. Learning the training principles and from standing on deck it is obvious that such knowledge targeted with an individual approach for each athlete, why Trisutto is the most successful team with the best training system! – Vassilis Krommidas

Olympic coach at the 2008 Beijing Games.

View Coach Vassilis’ full profile here.

Melanie Mitchell   

A Trisutto Champion Professional athlete for over 10 years, Mel has spent the last 7 years in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. Returning to Triathlon, Mel specialises in coaching female athletes as well as athletes new to the sport of Triathlon. Widely regarded during her career as one of the strongest swimmers in the sport, Mel also works with athletes focusing on their swim discipline. She lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Trisutto Head Coach Brett Sutton announces the addition of Mel to the Trisutto Team. 

View Coach Mel’s full profile here.

Carson Christen

Carson holds a Masters degree in Sports Physiology and brings 5 years of Professional Coaching experience with both triathletes and cyclists. He has worked extensively with Trisutto Head European Coach, Jo Spindler over the past few years and is an exciting addition to our coaching team. Carson incorporates a sports science approach to his coaching integrating with the Trisutto philosophies. He has recently relocated from Boulder, Colorado to Germany and looks forward to working with athletes from all nationalities.

Coach Carson on deck with his athletes – Welcome to Trisutto.com.

View Coach Carson’s full profile here.

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