Athletes enjoying their winter training at Sands Beach Resort.

Since we are coming into the winter, which for some is more wintery than others! I thought it is worth mentioning how important it is to concentrate on your winter training situation.

Often at this time of year when there are less races on (if you live in Europe and America) it is worth taking a little break before building up to the races in the new year. However, there are races all year round somewhere in the world, so try not to be jealous of your friend who has just raced at Ironman Cozumel, Challenge Bahrain or Ironman Bussleton. Everyone has their own schedule and will take a break at a different time depending on their situation. It is best to concentrate on what is best for you, so that you can then be ready and at your fittest for the races you are aiming at in the new year.

In this little break I think it is important to give time to the important people in your lives, the people close to you who are used to seeing you rush around to get swim, bike and run training for 98% of the year! Then when you are refreshed, with different amounts of time for different people and their situations, 3-6 weeks of gentle and fun exercise is probably enough for most. If you raced your last race mid-October and already had a break, then you don’t have to have another break just because it is Christmas!

When you get back to training, you have to make the best of where you are. Some people might have a situation like this:

bellasnow-011-450x337Yes, Stephen and I did ride in this!

Where conditions mean you have to use turbo trainers a lot. Which are great training. There is nothing wrong with spending a lot of time on these.

turbo -bellaCharlie & I working on the turbo.

Or some of you might be lucky to spend time in places like this! If you can, it is a great break from the turbo.

Petr and Bella2Petr Zlatuska and I on the weekly Sands Beach Resort Sunday Ride.

Finally, for people who live in places like this, just make sure you enjoy and appreciate it! Happy holidays and happy and fast racing!

TriActiv Winter Training1Winter Training on Lanzarote.  Not so tough!  Be the best you can be.

Thank you for the photos: BrakeThrough Media, Sands Beach Resort & Petr Zlatuska

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