Andrej Vistica putting in a Top 5 performance at Ironman France.

It was an excellent weekend of racing, with race wins and personal bests of my professional and age group athletes. It’s really impossible to rate the performances against each other as all did their best within their abilities. For me as a coach, it was a very emotional weekend as well. Receiving feedback like: „1000 thanks for that level of performance“ or „thanks a lot Jo, I’m the most happy athlete in the world“ is humbling and means more to me, than any result. At the end, racing is not about results, it’s about character. And I am more than excited, to work with such dedicated athletes.

PepSub 10 for Pep.

Let’s start with Pep Sbert, who fulfilled his life-time dream to go sub-10! He put everything into the race what he learned over the past 6 months and crossed the finish line at Challenge Venice in 9:54h. I was 100% sure, he will make it and I’m very happy that it did, as he was probably the athlete who had to change his way of training most. Training, nutrition, equipment: I changed him all over. He had the power to believe and to trust me no matter what and it all paid off last Sunday.

Dirk_recapDirk and his wife who also qualified for Kona.

Dirk Niederau had a fantastic race at Ironman Nice, winning his age group. He started with a fast swim and bike and was top-20 overall at 100km of the bike, but then suffered from a bit of cramping. Back in transition, he was leading his age group by more than 20 minutes. First half of the marathon was good, but then again the cramps kicked in and slowed him down. He had to fight himself to the finsih line, but with his huge lead, his win was never endangered.

Andrej_France2Overcoming a flat, Andrej ran into the Top 5.

Also in Nice, Andrej Vistica had a strong race in a deep pro men field. He came out of the water with eventual winner Victor del Coral and they rode together most of the bike, chasing the race leaders only 5 or 6min ahead. But at 150km Andrej got a flat tire and had to stop and fix that losing precious time. But he showed character, run a very strong marathon of 2:44h and run himself back into 5th position. If it wasn’t for the flat tire, the battle for the win would have been even more exciting than it already was.

Diana_Win_RecapDiana back on the winner’s podium.

Back in Hungary, Diana pulled back from her disappointing 4th place at Lanzarote 2 weeks earlier winning the Kesztheley Middle Distance Triathlon. She did well in all 3 legs and, what is most important, enjoyed racing a lot again.

Sabrina_Recap3rd place for Sabrina.

Sabrina had a sprint race in Lustenau and placed 3rd in her category only 1 week after winning the bronze medal at the Europe champs in Lisbon. A very strong showing after coming back from injury and despite it was a little bit too wet and cold for her liking. Sabrina will spend a lot of time in St. Moritz this summer in camp and I’m sure that will improve her even more.

Oli_MoritzPBs for Oli and Rico at 70.3 Rapperswil.

Also in Switzerland, Oli and Rico both had personal best performances at 70.3 Rapperswil. The race served as a preparation race for their coming main races and both “trained through“ this event being asked to do a 3h ride the day before. They both improved their previous year’s time despite the much harder conditions. Really looking forward to their main races Klagenfurt and Swissman, soon.

Pascale_DoroDoro and Pascale in action. Congratulations on the World Championship qualification for Doro.

My girls at Rapperswil, Doro and Pascale, were not anything short of the boy’s performances. Only 2 weeks after her 5th place on Lanzarote, where she missed the Kona slot by 1 place, she again placed 5th in her AG group and finally got the slot for the 70.3 world champs. It’s just great to see, how she can pull out one strong race after the other. I’m also very proud of Pascale who recovered just in-time for the race in Rappi. She didn’t have the race of her life, suffering from bad stomach pain already on the bike, but she showed how tough a person she is and battled herself through to the finish.

Peter Rudolph

Back in Germany, I had 2 athletes racing: Peter was not expecting nor prepared at all to win the Deggendorf triathlon. Due to the cold and rainy weather, race organizers replaced the swim with a run. Peter didn’t mind and hit the gas from the beginning and surprised himself with the overall win. Even if I know it, it’s always again exciting and kind of surprising, to see how immense improvements are possible with very consistent and dedicated training.

This is also true for Joachim, who raced the Tölzer Triathlon and reached his goal “to not be chicked”. Despite the really tough conditions, cold water and heavy rain all race, he was able to improve his last years overall time. He already was „first girl out of the water“ and then held this lead as if his life depends on it.

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

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