Mary Beth Ellis led from the front in a crushing display to win the women’s World Championship this weekend.

As the dust settles on a massive race weekend from the squad, we must lead with the World Championship winning performance of our Honey Badger, Mary Beth Ellis.

The race report is simple. The plan was to attack from the gun and deal with any problems as they arose. A plan MBE executed with devastating efficiency.

A great swim, a hammering on the bike and a mindset to run the 30km run-leg like it was a 10km. We needed a blow-out effort to see if MBE’s illustrious career was indeed close to the end, or if it was just a temporary blip. The answer to that question was answered emphatically. The Badger has been hibernating, and the way she slew the paper tiger this weekend will have all astute observers adding her to the list of real Kona contenders this year. The run off the bike was that good. Onwards and upwards for MBE.

Victor Del CorralVictor Del Corral: 2015 Ironman France Runner’s Up. Photo: 

Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss

It was a great race for Victor today, controlled and strong and finishing with a very good run (2:42:04). Victor smelt a win, and so could I sitting here watching it on the computer but Boris Stein was just a bit better on the day.  Victor’s fitness is coming back to his best. This was another step in the right direction and soon he will be on top of the podium again. Congrats Victor!

This weekend Hollie Craddock came 3rd in her age group 20-24 at the ITU World Long Course Championships in Sweden. Hollie hurt her knee 1 week out from the race. I tried to hold her back from racing, but she is so determined, so brave and has no fear. She told me she would stop if it hurt too much. Congrats on another great performance, Hollie!

Justi Perez came 5th in his age group 25-30 at the Spanish National Triathlon Middle Distance Championships in Valencia this weekend. It was a hot race but it didn’t affect Justi! He was fit and ready for it. Congratulations on such a solid performance, Justi.

Richard Newey came 2nd in his age group 50-54 at 70.3 UK qualifying for 70.3 Worlds in Austria later in the year! He will complete this race before he goes to Hawaii for the Ironman World Championships! A wet day and a puncture on the bike at Wimbleball didn’t slow Richard down much!  He did a great race and great preparation for Ironman UK and the 100 National TT next week!!

Sorry couldn’t find a photo of you racing Richard!  So I included one with his 1 month old baby girl 🙂

Callum Hughes came 5th overall and 1st in his age group 30-34 at 70.3 UK! A brilliant race and qualifying for the World 70.3 Championships! Callum was racing in memory of Katie Henderson who was tragically killed 2 weeks ago. A brilliant race even with a broken toe I now hear.

Jason Wilkes raced Ironman Austria in 10 hours 12 minutes 38 seconds. Having already qualified for Hawaii at Ironman Lanzarote, Jason went for fun to his “back up race”. Although Jason loves to race fast and he went for it, it wasn’t the race he dreamt of but it was a great great effort.

Andy Hamilton came 2nd overall at the British National Middle distance Triathlon Championships! This guy doesn’t stop impressing me!  From injured non-triathlete to superstar in 18 months.  Next up for Andy is Ironman UK!

Jack Wilkes, Jorge Wilkes and Marcos Knight also raced IronKids Austria. They were all trained up and ready for this! They were happy with their races.  Although Marcos experienced unsporting behaviour. I explained it does happen, but that’s not how we do things here at TriActiv Lanzarote at

Finally, my 14 year-old Adrián Rodríguez Hernández raced 14km  La Vegueta coming 42nd overall. Well done to all on such a great weekend.


Images from this weekend: Hollie Craddock, Justi Perez, Richard Newey, Jack Wilkes, Jorge Wilkes and Marcos Knight, Callum Hughes, Jason Wilkes, Andy Hamilton and Adrián Rodríguez Hernández! Well done to all.

Recap from Coach Jo Spindler

First of all, Andrej Vistica had a strong race and a Top-10 place at the ITU World Championship in Motala, Sweden. It was tough competition up there, with the first 10 athletes all within only 10 minutes. He worked hard on the bike and did the best he could on the run, holding things together. He again proved that he is on top of his game as he builds from race to race with incredible consistency.

AndrejVTop 10 in the world for Andrej Vistica this weekend.

Probably the most impressive result of this weekend was by Rico Giovanoli who had a great race at Ironman Austria. Rico was a bit down after the test race 2 weeks ago at 70.3 Rapperswil, but recovered well and showed that he has the guts and also the head of a top performing athlete, getting things straight just in time for the big race. We layed out detailed directions of how to pace the race and Rico executed with military precision at the end exceeding my and probably his expectations with a sub-10 time of 9:46h and a top-25 AG finish. Within only 2 years under my coaching Rico improved his long distance time from 11:14h in 2013 to a 9:46h now. Rico is never afraid to hurt himself and dig deep. He is a real poster child of what can be achieved with dedication and consistancy and a well outlined training schedule. Congrats Rico on achieving another personal goal and already looking forward to the realization of your next one. You rock!

Then together with his relay team Oliver Klaus won the Swisscom Games overall. The Swisscom Games are an event exclusively for the 4000 Swisscom employees and consists of 5 disciplines: Swim, Uphill Road Time Trial, MTB Time Trial, Inline Skating and a Run. Oli did the TT at the 800 height meters climb and managed to break away from the peloton at the last climb. Overall relay time was 3:43 hours and the margin to second team was a tiny 80s. So he and his teammates stayed strong in a close race and took this very prestiguos win. Oli showed impressively, that his dedication to excellence makes him both, a vitally business manager as well as a furious fast athlete. We wish him all the best for his final preparations towards Ironman Switzerland and are looking forward to this race.

Jo ResultsOliver Klaus and his team won the Swisscom Games this weekend.

Diana Riesler had a tough battle at German Chiemsee Half Distance Triathlon. She came out of the water in 4th position, off the bike in 1st, closely followed by Daniela Sämmler. Diana and Daniela ran almost the whole run leg within 60s of each other, with Daniela taking 1st after a hard surge at around the 12km mark and Diana finishing 2nd. I’m very pleased with Diana’s performance, as she had a good bike and ran especially well. So the race showed nicely that the adjustments we made in her training after Lanzarote are working well.

Young gun and aspiring pro athlete Hannes Hinterseer won the Tölzer Triathlon overall, a local olympic distance race in Germany which won my athletes now 4 times in a row. Hannes is a worthy successor of Markus Hörmann, who won the race 3 times and is still holding the course record. There was nobody who could match Hannes at the hilly and technical bike course. Very happy for him he paced himself better this time, as he missed his first overall win 4 weeks ago overstraining himself and falling unconscious only 400m in front of the finish line. I know few athletes who are able to hurt themselves as hard as Hannes does. Well done and back to training right away!

At the very same race, Joachim Reiter had a strong showing, improving his last year time by about 10 minutes and crossing the line as “3rd girl”. His training is paying dividends and he soon will reach a level where he doesn’t get chicked anymore.

Thomas Schäfer is storming from win to win, getting a mention here almost every week. Last Sunday, he won another MTB race, the 46km Marathon in Sülzhagen, Germany. He crossed the finish line together with one of his teammates, with exactly the same time. He has some hard trainingweeks ahead of him now, preparing him for the Paralympics TT and Road Wold Championships.

Jo Results1Joachim Reiter and Thomas Schäfer great results this weekend.

Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger 

Edith Squad

This Saturday at the Triathlon Olympic Distance Garmin TriO Sirmione (Italy):

Barbara came in 4th place overall and was 1st in her category: 2:24.32, with Emanuele finishing 24th in 2:08.24. On Saturday we also had Mery competing at the Triathlon Olympic Distance in Spiez (Switzerland), which she finished in a solid time of 2:53.30.

Sunday was a very big occasion for our Pro Train Squad competing at Ironman Austria. Well done to all my athletes on their personal bests (6 out of 7!!!). I’m very proud of you all.

  • Martina, professional 9:18.50 – new PB
  • Stefano, 10:43.09, new PB first time sub11
  • Andrea, 12:31.40, new BP first time sub13
  • Elena, 12:33.30, new PB first time sub13
  • Stefano, 11:23.02, M55-59
  • Fabrizio, 10:26.00, new PB
  • Alex, first Ironman in 9:52.31
  • Triathlon Olympic distance Milano (Italy) Elena, 2:20.01

Recap from Coach Luis Villavicencio

Luis Results

Daniel Barrundia, is based in the USA and attends Georgia Tech university. He is a great kid, great student, and a great athlete. This weekend he was third in his age group (first podium ever) at the South East Regional Championships.

Lottie Riddle, who is based in England, got first place in her age group and 6th overall at the Chatsworth triathlon. When we spoke she said she had her best run ever, so I’m very pleased with the effort here.

She balances work and training very well. She is also a philanthropist who spends a lot of time in Guatemala helping the people who need it most. Well done to my athletes this weekend.

Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen

Fran Bungay raced the 70.3  Exmoor in the UK and she won her age group 40-45 placing 6th overall! Her second win in 2 weeks, last time was in Staffordshire. An incredible achievement. Well done to Fran, who is a gun biker and puts a lot of time into the others!! Look forward to what we can achieve this season.

Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood

Tyler Blaum won the Aquabike at Lumberman 70.3 as a training day for Ironman Lake Placid next month. Well done Tyler. He has had a rough trot with injury, new job and moving states, so nice there is room to still put in a good performance.

Chiin Hooi-Tan won her local club championships today also.

Finally, two outstanding performances from our pro athletes Trevor Delsault – 6th at Ironman Coeur d’Alene, and a top 10 for Anne Basso, who ran herself into the prize money. Really important performances in terms of their seasons. Great job.

Robbie ResultsTyler Blaum and Chiin Hooi-Tan this weekend.

Congratulations to all those competing this weekend.


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