World Ultraman Champion – Congratulations Kate!

After Kate won 70.3 Bintan end of August she got a bad flu, which stopped her racing 70.3 World Champs, It took her a little while to get over that illness, but from then on the new goal was Ultraman World Championships, so in a fairly short amount of time we have prepared for this huge challenge. Once Kate was healthy I gave her a lot of training to be ready for this event. She coped very very well with it, only one time, 3 weeks out did she begin to find it really tough, but by then the real bulk of the work was done.

This event was not her first Ultraman, she actually won Ultraman Canada 2015, so she had some good experience going into it, and that helped her for a very successful race in Hawaii over the past 3 days. She led this Championship race from the gun to the tape. Gradually pulling away from the rest of the girls. And finishing 6th overall in the mens race too!

Ultraman is a 3 day event,
Day 1: 10km swim and 145km bike
Day 2: 276km bike
Day 3: 84km run.

Congratulations Kate what a great way to finish 2016.

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Corinne back ripping up the Ironman course in Cozumel

Very pleased to report the return to racing of Corinne Abraham and Matty Trautman from long term injuries.

Corinne’s outstanding 4th in IM Cozumel was nothing short of astonishing. Hit with not one but two punctures on the second and third bike laps just when the reigning champ was within striking range of leaders, put paid to any defending of the title.  Then to see her fix both and continue was a feat in itself. With the podium out of the question she then proceeded to produce the fastest run of the day 3h 07 in the heat of Cozumel off virtually no running was amazing.

Wonderful to see Matt back racing and on top of the podium again!

In South Africa we saw the return off The Captain. His injury enforced absence helped see him have his best swim to date. Matt was also carrying a new Bike technique that saw him explode to the front, and that as they say, was the ball game! The Captain is back on deck.

Reinaldo Colucci was back to his short course best with a great 2nd in the Buenos Aires CAMTRI Triathlon American Championships. He had to sit out a penalty call that cost him 15 seconds but even that could not keep him off the podium. Well done to The Lion.

Emma Bilham started her season off with a 10k road race however we ran an hour before it started. Michelle Derron also started in a 10k run race. While we are not looking for times, pistol is just so happy to be back running.

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

A breakthrough performance for Melonie at IM Cozumel. Congratulations!

What a weekend in Cozumel!!!

Exactly 1 year from the day of the race this weekend I met Melonie Macdonald at the Camp I ran with Brett in Calgary. At that time Melonie was pretty burnt out and had been told due to arthritis in her hips that she should never do any Ironman again. Well we started this journey and took it very slowly to build up Melonie’s fitness, confidence & love for the sport again. After a few good races at the start of the season with no pain and LOADS of enjoyment training again Melonie said she thought she would be ready to do and Ironman again so Cozumel it was!

The week leading into this race Mel was calmer than she had ever been before a race. The race plan was set and all she had to do was execute – which she did brilliantly. Melonie being a non swimmer came out of the water in 15th (which was fantastic as unfortunately there was no current assist this year!) smashed the bike with the fastest bike in her Age in 5th then ran her way to a podium to finish 3rd in F45-49 AG.

Melonie did run into a bit of trouble at the 8 km of the run but she did what she does best and just kept going!!! It’s unbelievable how far she’s come in a year and deserves every bit of success she got last Sunday. Her attitude & commitment day in and day out is nothing but outstanding and I couldn’t be more proud.

Race Recap from Coach Dan McIntosh:

Paul and Leigh crossing the finishing line at Ironman Cozumel

For athletes in the Northern hemisphere, IM Cozumel is a great destination to finish a season and earn an early spot to Kona for the following year. 12 months ago Paul and coach Dan chose IM Cozumel as the A event for the year, with the goal of winning his age group, validating his previous qualification for Kona and giving himself the option to go again in 2017, but perhaps the most daring goal was to also sign up his wife, Leigh, and aim to “enjoy” the process together. Dan accepted the challenges and oversaw both of them through 12 months of training and racing, starting with a pre-season camp in San Diego and culminating with a 10 day pre-race camp in Cozumel.

The details of the race were this. Despite early signs, the current shifted midway in the swim and Paul and Leigh got stuck fighting the swim a bit more than few of their other competitors. Unphased however, they excited in position for good overall performances and went to work on their respective plans. Coach Dan prescribed conservative plans for the bike and first half of the run but it’s a hard course to be conservative on since the ego wants to show off on the first lap when things feel easy and everyone is pumped up. However, hubris hurts on each subsequent lap and temps rise and wind increases, right when the fatigue from early efforts set in. This not only compromises the end of the bike but sets up a disaster of a run. Both Paul and Leigh showed commitment to the plan and came into T2 down on the front of the leaders but were among the few on course who were gaining ground instead of losing it, a trend that continued on the run. For Paul, the run is his strength and it would have been very easy to crack off from the start to chase the guys ahead and in other races this was the strategy but in Cozumel we took a different approach and hid his strength, letting others do the chasing, knowing eventually they’d fall apart in the heat of the 3rd lap. Conversely, Leigh’s strength was not on the run and it would have been easy to fear the end, resign herself to a good start but a poor finish. Again, both athletes trusted the plan and started conservatively. While many of Paul’s competitors were either panicking after hard bikes or seizing early marathon bliss, he was focused on staying cool, conserving energy and getting calories in. Even more impressive was Leigh who was unsure of where her run fitness would be and had the difficult task to going “easy.” Choosing how fast to go is a fool’s game but picking a controlled pace shows wisdom and willingness to race with a plan and not the ego. To be clear, by the time the 3rd lap came, Paul and Leigh were suffering but the rest of the race was suffering far more. Paul ran through 5 places in the final lap and finished with the fastest marathon split in his age group while Leigh did one of the hardest things in Ironman and negative split the marathon. While the individual results were great for each, seeing the two at the finish line, laughing and embracing was realization of the final goal of the year.

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Getting the job done in Phuket – Well done David

After a successful race at Laguna Phuket David continued his training in Tanyapura getting ready for 70.3 Phuket.  We have focused on swim and the bike and were rather conservative on the run volume as the risk of the old injury recurring would be to high.  It was definitely a right approach.  We wanted to finish the season on a positive note and not with another problem and this is what we have achieved!

David had a great race, a PB on the swim and the fastest 70.3 bike split ever put him in the great starting point on the run.  We knew it will be very hard ask to run all the time on this course and those conditions.  David run very well first half but the lack of run training, the heat and humidity toot their toll and the second half was a struggle.  It was tough but he still finished the race 20min faster than last year.

I’m very happy about his progress and resilience, not many people can swim and bike their PBs after weeks of injuries and only 2 weeks of training.  With this race David proved that this is only a beginning of his triathlon journey and with his very positive attitude there are quite a few happy races ahead of him.
Congratulations David!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

‘Just 1 lap to go!’ – Gisela motoring on the the run in Cozumel

Gisela trained through the cool and damp autumn in Zurich, in preparation for the heat of Ironman Cozumel.  I’m especially proud of Gisela, not only because she raced solidly all day moving up through the field to finish in 5th,  but because she went to heat camp a month ago and was sick and unable to do the training block we had intended. Gisela did not let this throw her off, instead she took it in her stride. Once able to train was patient to build back up, and then nailed the last longer workouts leading into race day.  You did the work, you got the reward – well done Gisela 🙂

Chiin raced in her local club 12km run, was first female and 3rd overall, adding to her unbeatable lead in her club championships.  Well done Chiin.  Now heal quickly, from your mountain bike crash the day after the race!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Capturing the stunning race course of Ironman Cozumel

Lauren Capone finished off her 2016 race season at Ironman Cozumel. She capped off her first year as a professional with another top 10 finish. This race tested LC’s toughness, and by going the distance with grit, she has become stronger in every way. After losing ground during the bike, LC ran the second fastest marathon of the day to fight her way into 10th place.

2016 was a year for building experience. Now it’s time for a couple of weeks of recovery before getting to work on strengthening the bike for 2017. Congratulations on a successful season LC, enjoy your downtime, we’ve got some big sessions ahead in 2017. It’s going to be a great year.

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Emanuele first marathon finish at Firenze

Firenze marathon (Italy)
Emanuela Redaelli didi her first marathon, it was all about finishing, possibly running and not walking! Emanuela didi it! 5:28.12 is certainly not a great time, but it is a first very important step for her to grow in self-confidence. Congrats Emanuela.

Elena, new PB at Firenze marathon

Elena De Preto raced „for fun“ and with 4:01.41 she came home with a new personal best! That’s when athletes don’t stress themselves out with result pressure, but take things with joy and of course the right amount of concentration. Excellent work Elena!

Serena, our new entry athlete, only a few weeks training.

Serena Prezzy finished the Terre d’ Acqua half marathon in 1:46.58, missing the goal of 1:45 just for one minute after having a motorbike accident 3 days before the race and starting the race a bit ill, so a lack of correct integration made her loose time at the end. Anyway a good performance Serena!

Emanuele Mutti did 3h last year in Florence, so the goal obviously this year was sub3! But we are not machines and not always a race goes 100% as planned. So this year we take the 3:07.26 and after the deserved x-mas rest period, we will plan his first Ironman for 2017! Keep on going Emanuele!

A special thought goes out to our pro athlete, Martina Dogana, who was meant to race 70.3 Thailand, but 2 days before the race her beloved grandma Gina died and Marty, understandably, decided to not race. Sincere condolences Martina.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

1/4 Marathon Staaner Stadtlauf – 2nd and 3rd Category finishes for Nina and Michelle Derron

‘I feel the need, the need for speed!’ – A very early season run race this past weekend for the Derron Family. Well done Nina, Michelle and Mum and Dad. More of these to come!

Club Warrior – Claire lining up for the Club Champs

Claire Hawkins showed true club spirit fronting up for the State Club Championships in Western Australia after a less than ideal pre-race routine. Once the start gun blasted, Claire quite surprised herself and helped her club take home the title for the 7th year running. Congratulations to Claire and her club 🙂

Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

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