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    I’m going to use 16 hour 70.3 plan for my half distance race. I have plenty of time for training and recovery, but still I find it very challenging or I misinterpret the plan directions. Already tried it 2 years ago but despite decent race time I almost got myself overtrained and lost motivation for a long period of time.
    I know Brett somewhere mentioned that AG athletes tend to train harder than needed, but what I see in the plan is (kind of) the opposite. Let’s have a look at a typical week:

    Mon – hard bike strength intervals
    Tue – hard swim intervals + MMM run
    Wed – double bike day (both hard)
    Thu – aerobic swim + run (hard hill efforts or fartlek)
    Fri – HR swim set (high intensity)
    Sat, Sun – long bike and run (but still include intensive parts)

    I consider myself pretty fit (44yo, best half time 4:40), but still my name doesn’t start with Lionel and end with Sanders 🙂
    So obviously some corrections have to be made – just skip workouts at random or replace them with recovery sessions (as the plan suggests) or maybe doing complete 1 week program say in 10 days (3 blocks in a month instead of 4), inserting extra recovery days would be more effective?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    PS BTW the same applies to 16hour bike stimulus plan which I also tried to use…

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